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Tag: inhibitory signaling

October 2016

Study pins down biological basis of rare autism-linked syndrome

by  /  27 October 2016

Subsets of neurons lacking a gene called RAI1 contribute to Smith-Magenis syndrome, a rare condition related to autism.

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researchers study the human eye
Opinion / Viewpoint

Visual system may offer glimpse of autism’s effects in brain

by ,  /  25 October 2016

Studying the visual system could help scientists understand how autism alters neural functioning in the brain.

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September 2016
News / Toolbox

Injected into the brain, silicon net slyly spies on neurons

by  /  27 September 2016

A new injectable electronic mesh enables researchers to gently eavesdrop on the chatter of hundreds of neurons inside the brain.


Loss, doubling of Rett gene produce similar brain glitch

by  /  15 September 2016

Mice with either too little or too much MeCP2, the gene mutated in Rett syndrome, show similar malfunctions in a learning and memory circuit.

August 2016
Opinion / Q&A

Questions for Hyungbae Kwon: Building bridges in the brain

by  /  30 August 2016

A new study reveals how chemicals in the newborn brain forge connections between neurons.

July 2016
News / Toolbox

Protein duo can tweak signaling balance among neurons

by  /  29 July 2016

A fusion of two proteins can silence the activity of specific neurons in the zebrafish spinal cord.


Neurons from boys with autism grow unusually fast

by  /  28 July 2016

Cells derived from the skin of boys and men with autism share a host of unusual characteristics.

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Two types of neurons play key roles in Rett syndrome

by  /  27 July 2016

Manipulating MeCP2, the gene mutated in Rett syndrome, has revealed two neuron types as crucial contributors to the condition.

June 2016
News / Toolbox

Culture scheme yields realistic neuron mixture

by  /  1 June 2016

Using a clever culture method, scientists can transform human stem cells into a precise blend of neuron types.

May 2016
Features / Deep Dive

The gene hunters

by  /  18 May 2016

Criss-crossing the globe on a quest for unusual DNA, researchers have discovered a rare mutation that promises insights into both epilepsy and autism — and points to a treatment.

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