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Tag: inhibitory signaling

April 2016

Subset of neurons may spark seizures in Angelman syndrome

by  /  25 April 2016

Mutations in a set of neurons that dampen brain activity may be the source of seizures in an autism-related syndrome.

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Mouse study links gene to some autism symptoms

by  /  22 April 2016

Mice missing a gene called PTCHD1 in a deep-seated brain structure have autism-like symptoms that ease with treatment.

March 2016

Reports of neuron loss in autism may be exaggerated

by  /  17 March 2016

A widely used technique for identifying subtypes of neurons in the brain may be flawed, and may have provided incorrect tallies of a key neuron type in autism.

January 2016

Hyperactive fish point to new drug treatments for autism

by  /  29 January 2016

A drug that mimics estrogen eases hyperactivity in zebrafish lacking the autism-linked gene CNTNAP2. The results highlight the potential of the tiny fish for screening autism treatments.

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Electrode-laced plates capture patterns of neural firing

by  /  27 January 2016

Growing neurons on tiny plates studded with miniature electrodes allows researchers to map patterns of neuronal activity within circuits.

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December 2015
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New atlas displays meticulous maps of brain connectivity

by  /  23 December 2015

Researchers have documented the shape and electrical activity of more than 2,000 neurons in the mouse brain, and charted the connections between them.


Two mouse models pinpoint neurons at center of Rett syndrome

by  /  21 December 2015

Most symptoms of Rett syndrome stem from loss of the MeCP2 gene in just two types of neurons.

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Molecular switch lets light shut off subsets of brain signals

by  /  16 December 2015

A tool kit of light-sensitive proteins allows researchers to mute communication between specific sets of neurons in mice.

November 2015
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Sensitive, superfast sensor detects brain activity in real time

by  /  25 November 2015

A new tool marries an unusually bright fluorescent protein to a light-sensitive pigment to illuminate individual neurons as they fire.

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Microscopy technique homes in on links between neurons

by  /  18 November 2015

A powerful form of light microscopy that maps neuronal connections could help researchers better understand communication among the cells.