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Spectrum Books

Spectrum books

  • Autism by the Numbers: Explaining its Apparent Rise

    Autism by the Numbers: Explaining its Apparent Rise

    This new downloadable guide from Spectrum offers an in-depth exploration of the various factors — perhaps chief among them, a greater awareness of the condition and researchers’ shifting ways of defining and measuring it — that have helped to drive autism prevalence numbers up.

  • Spectrum's guide to autism 2020

    Spectrum's guide to autism 2020

    This volume aims to be the ultimate primer, drawing articles from the ever-expanding ‘Autism 101’ section of our website. Chapters on basic facts, competing theories, and tests, traits and interventions chart the landscape of the condition and help readers navigate important questions such as the role of environmental risk, the link between parental age and autism and what can be learned from genetic testing.

  • Tales from Spectrum 2019

    Tales from Spectrum 2019

    Published in time for Spectrum’s 10th anniversary, this volume recaps a decade’s worth of big ideas in autism research. Short articles revisit top headlines year by year. In-depth features explore research areas that have rapidly expanded, such as autism genetics; ones that still need attention, such as the pressing healthcare needs of autistic adults; and ones that are just emerging, including a ‘predictive coding’ theory of the condition.

  • Tales from Spectrum 2018

    Tales from Spectrum 2018

    In this, our first foray into print, 12 in-depth stories probe how people experience and study autism. The stories, divided into four chapters, cover topics ranging from the reasons autistic girls are so often misdiagnosed and why autistic children can be clumsy to autism’s little-known connection with cancer and its overlap with addiction.