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Exploring the people, the science and the challenges in autism research.
Portrait of Connie Kasari.

Episode Two: Connie Kasari

1 June 2023

In this episode of “Synaptic,” Kasari talks about the need for inclusion in educating autistic children, what drew her into the autism research field, and growing up on the family farm.

Portrait of Cathy Lord.

Episode One: Catherine Lord

1 April 2023

In this inaugural episode, Lord discusses her entry into autism research, what the future of the field might look like, and how drama club saved her in high school.

Logo for Spectrum’s Synaptic podcast.

Introducing ‘Synaptic,’ a new podcast from Spectrum

1 April 2023

Explore the people, the science and the challenges in autism research.

Research image of oligodendrocytes in mice treated with clemastine compared to untreated mice.

Antihistamine aids myelination in Pitt-Hopkins mice

25 May 2023

The drug clemastine and other compounds that fortify the protective sheath around neurons may prove therapeutic for some genetic neurodevelopmental conditions.

Illustration of DNA methylation.

‘Polygenic risk scores’ for autism, explained

23 May 2023

These scores — composite measures of a person’s autism-linked common genetic variants — cannot predict an autism diagnosis but could help researchers better understand the condition’s underlying biology.

A stack of papers sits on a blue table.

Neuroscience journal retracts 13 papers at once

22 May 2023

The papers were flagged by a method that has now been called into question.

Composite research image of organoids at several stages of development.

Genetic background sways effects of autism-linked mutation

18 May 2023

Experiments offer clues to why certain mutations are associated with autism in some people and not others.

Spectrum Stories

Stories about autism, featuring experts, families and journalists.
portraits of four black autism researchers

What it’s like to be a Black autism researcher

22 October 2020

Spectrum spoke to four Black autism researchers about what it’s like to be in a field that’s overwhelmingly white, how police violence against Black people has affected them, and the joy of finding one another in ‘Black In Neuro.’

two people social distancing

Spectrum stories: Life in lockdown with autism

17 June 2020

Host Chelsey B. Coombs talks to clinicians and people with autism about their experience of the pandemic, how their routines have changed and some of the unexpected benefits.

man's hand on woman's shoulder creating a sensory reaction visualized by illustrated lines

Spectrum Stories: What social touch says about autism

18 June 2019

Understanding how touch is altered in autism could yield an early marker of the condition.

Illustration shows woman connecting digitally with other parents

Spectrum Stories: How social media aids discovery and diagnosis of autism-linked conditions

6 May 2019

Social media is connecting families with researchers who study rare conditions related to autism — to the benefit of both.