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Exploring the people, the science and the challenges in autism research.
Illustrated portrait of Lauren O’Connell.

Setting up a frog colony and pair bonding with Lauren O’Connell

1 March 2024

To become a scientist, O’Connell first needed to leave the family farm.

Illustrated portrait of André Fenton.

Being uncomfortable and PKMzeta with André Fenton

1 February 2024

The director of the Center for Neural Science shares a ghost story and talks about his collaboration with Todd Sacktor.

Illustrated portrait of Joseph LeDoux.

Joseph LeDoux, the split brain and a traveling magic show

1 January 2024

The director of the Emotional Brain Institute discusses the Cajun music scene in Louisiana and how memories change with time.

Illustrated portrait of David Sussillo.

FORCE learning and finding an out with David Sussillo

1 December 2023

The senior research manager at Meta Reality Labs talks about neural networks and his time at the Milton Hershey School.

The Transmitter Stories

Stories about autism, featuring experts, families and journalists.
Black-and-white illustrated portrait of Jonathan Green.

‘Emergent and transactional’: How Jonathan Green is rethinking autism and interventions

28 August 2023

The experienced clinician discusses writing his recent paper, and its reception in the field.

Black and white watercolor-style portrait of Cheryl Dissanayake.

The story of autism research in Australia: A conversation with Cheryl Dissanayake

25 July 2023

With the help of a generous benefactor, autism research in Australia is gathering critical mass.

Images of Marie-Eve Lefebvre and Punit Shah sitting at their laptops.

New journals seek to fill neurodiversity gap

8 March 2023

The two journals, although differing in initial support, both realized the need for a publication focused exclusively on the neurodiverse experience.

Triangle that looks like a play button in a delicate collage of squares and circles on a cream colored background.

Writing a ‘new history of autism’

8 November 2022

Spectrum talks with David Dobbs about researching his latest article, and what he found.

Close-up of a green glass slide embedded with dozens of tiny electrodes.

Making cancer nervous

13 November 2023

Nerve cells in the brain and throughout the body can turbocharge tumor growth — a finding that not only expands conventional ideas about the nervous system but points to novel therapeutic targets for a range of malignancies.

Research image of various types of cells.

Vast diversity of human brain cell types revealed in trove of new datasets

12 October 2023

The collection offers a glimpse into differences in cell composition — across people and brain regions — that may shape neural function.

A group of elementary school children run toward the entrance of a school, their backs turned to the camera.

Journal club: Why do some children lose their autism diagnosis?

9 October 2023

More than one-third of a cohort of autistic toddlers no longer meet criteria for the condition at school age, according to a new study, but the findings may not generalize because the cohort is predominantly white and affluent.

Photograph of a gloved hand pointing to a computer screen that is displaying an image of a mouse brain.

Uncertainty and excitement surround one company’s cell therapy for epilepsy

5 October 2023

After 10 years of work, Neurona may have the data to quiet its skeptics. But its ongoing clinical trial will be the ultimate test.