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Expert opinions on trends and controversies in autism research.

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April 2015

Better behavioral tests may save trials of autism treatments

by  /  21 April 2015

Trials to test drugs for autism suffer from subjective measurements and placebo effects. Helen Tager-Flusberg outlines how to ferret out the true effects of potential autism therapies.

March 2015

Powerful memory system may compensate for autism’s deficits

by ,  /  17 March 2015

A brain system called declarative memory may help people learn scripts and strategies that alleviate autism symptoms, say Michael Ullman and Mariel Pullman.

February 2015


by  /  17 February 2015

Opinions on autism from columnists.


Autism can mask anxiety symptoms

by  /  17 February 2015

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions, as well as one of the most treatable. But when a person has autism, anxiety symptoms can be hard to see. Matthew Siegel calls for anxiety tests and treatments that are tailored to people with autism.


Autism as a disorder of prediction in a ‘magical’ world

by , ,  /  3 February 2015

A struggle to predict what might happen next could account for the multiple, seemingly disparate, symptoms of autism, say Pawan Sinha, Margaret Kjelgaard and Annie Cardinaux.

December 2014

Gauging intelligence in autism over time

by  /  12 December 2014

Adapting traditional tests of intelligence for people with intellectual disability can deflate their scores over time. Somer Bishop calls for tests that more accurately assess intelligence in this group.


Future of autism genetics should learn from its past

by  /  9 December 2014

To optimize the search for autism genes, researchers should collect large numbers of sequences — but the sequences need to be of the right kind, says Michael Ronemus.


Understanding aggression in autism

by ,  /  5 December 2014

Two new studies explore the link between autism and aggression — a controversial connection that weighs heavily on individuals with the disorder and their families.

November 2014

Why we must be patient when searching for an autism biomarker

by  /  7 November 2014

Many studies have found differences in the brains of young infants later diagnosed with autism. But to call this a biomarker requires independent validation, time and patience, says Helen Tager-Flusberg.

October 2014

Communication lapses hinder autism research

by  /  24 October 2014

The term ‘deficit model’ traditionally means treating people with autism by focusing on their limitations rather than their strengths. Chris Gunter introduces the deficit model in a different context: science communication.


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