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Expert opinions on trends and controversies in autism research.

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September 2015

Time for some soul-searching in science

by  /  1 September 2015

Scientists should slow down and return to the basic tenets of research to regain the public’s trust.

August 2015

Autism may arise from brain’s response to early disturbances

by  /  18 August 2015

Autism is not a developmental disorder, but rather the brain’s adaptive response to early genetic or environmental disturbances, says Mark Johnson.


Young adults with autism flounder in face of service gaps

by  /  11 August 2015

A dearth of job-training programs and other services means that many young adults with autism struggle to lead productive, independent lives, suggests a national report. 

July 2015

Rodent learning sheds light on missed social cues in autism

by  /  28 July 2015

Many people with autism have trouble interpreting and responding to social cues. Studying how rats learn from each other can provide insights into the human social brain, says Amiel Rosenkranz.

June 2015

‘Teachable moments’ are key ingredients in autism therapy

by ,  /  30 June 2015

The job of delivering interventions for autism often falls to overstretched teachers in schools with few resources. Melanie Pellecchia and David Mandell set out to find the ‘active ingredients’ of school-based interventions.

May 2015

Children who ‘recover’ from autism still struggle

by  /  12 May 2015

Some children with autism lose their diagnosis over time, but still struggle with language, learning and anxiety, says Lisa Shulman.

April 2015

Better behavioral tests may save trials of autism treatments

by  /  21 April 2015

Trials to test drugs for autism suffer from subjective measurements and placebo effects. Helen Tager-Flusberg outlines how to ferret out the true effects of potential autism therapies.

March 2015

Powerful memory system may compensate for autism’s deficits

by ,  /  17 March 2015

A brain system called declarative memory may help people learn scripts and strategies that alleviate autism symptoms, say Michael Ullman and Mariel Pullman.

February 2015


by  /  17 February 2015

Opinions on autism from columnists.


Autism can mask anxiety symptoms

by  /  17 February 2015

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions, as well as one of the most treatable. But when a person has autism, anxiety symptoms can be hard to see. Matthew Siegel calls for anxiety tests and treatments that are tailored to people with autism.


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