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Tag: neurexin

November 2012

Scientists home in on autism candidate gene’s role in brain

by  /  26 November 2012

Four new studies of neuroligin-1 (NLGN1), a gene linked to autism, unravel its complex role in regulating the connections between neurons.

October 2012

Stem cells reveal genes that have parental bias

by  /  31 October 2012

Researchers have used stem cells to identify 801 neuronal genes that are preferentially expressed from either the maternal or paternal chromosome, according to a study published 30 August in PLoS One. Of these genes, 26 are linked to autism and 48 to schizophrenia. 


Thomas Bourgeron: Pioneering rare paths in autism genetics

by  /  25 October 2012

Thomas Bourgeron discovered the first rare mutation linked to non-syndromic autism, pointing to neuronal connections as prime drug targets.

August 2012

Missed patterns

by  /  14 August 2012

The assumption in some published overviews of autism tends to be that all of the problems relevant to the disorder can be found at synapses, the junctions between neurons. But it’s difficult not to notice the striking number of chromatin-associated genes that have emerged as candidate risk factors over the past few months.


Rodent roundup

by  /  10 August 2012

SAGE Labs has announced a new partnership with the autism science and advocacy organization Autism Speaks to fund the creation of three new rat models of autism.


Defects in autism risk genes may lead to slower signals

by  /  6 August 2012

Mutations in two genes linked to autism, neurexin and neuroligin, slow down neuronal signaling, according to research published 2 August in Science. Analyzing the mutations in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, the study found that mutations in these genes affect signaling in the opposite direction than is typical.


Genetics: Splicing gene alters expression of autism genes

by  /  3 August 2012

The autism-associated gene RBFOX1 modifies the sequence of hundreds of genetic messages, a number of which affect the expression of other autism-linked genes, according to a study published 7 July in Human Molecular Genetics.

June 2012

Genetics: Deletions in neurexin-1 linked to seizures

by  /  27 June 2012

Deletions in the second half of the autism-linked gene neurexin-1 are associated with seizures and large head size, according to a study published 23 May in the European Journal of Human Genetics.


SHANK2 mouse models show opposite brain signaling

by  /  25 June 2012

Two new strains of mice carrying different mutations in the SHANK2 gene show similar autism-like behaviors but opposing effects on brain signaling, according to two independent studies published 14 June in Nature.


Genetics: Analysis identifies new autism candidate regions

by  /  19 June 2012

An analysis of large duplications and deletions of DNA has identified new candidate genes for autism in pathways linked to the disorder. The results were published 22 May in Human Molecular Genetics.