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Spectrum: Autism Research News


February 2020
brain form in the shape of white flowers on black background with the striatum in red

Striatum, the brain’s reward hub, may drive core autism traits

by  /  17 February 2020

Associated primarily with its role in movement, the striatum may also influence the social difficulties of autistic people.

November 2019
Portrait of Geraldine Bliss and her son Charles

New family group pursues treatments for autism-linked syndrome

by  /  19 November 2019

After a decade of working with the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation, Geraldine Bliss has co-founded a new organization to develop therapies for the condition.

October 2019

Unusual gait marks mice with mutations related to autism

by  /  20 October 2019

Mouse models of two genetic conditions related to autism show abnormalities in their movement patterns.


Skew in neuron numbers may explain sensory sensitivity in autism

by  /  20 October 2019

Loss of certain neurons on one side of the brain may explain why some autistic people are hypersensitive to touch.

White rice in cage

Testing gene therapy for autism in mice? Consider your controls

by  /  3 October 2019

Deleting the mutation from an autism gene may reverse some autism traits in mice, according to a new study. But the results may be a fluke.

June 2019
Video of three mice running on a wheel

Mechanical tracker measures social activity of multiple mice for days

by  /  28 June 2019

A new system enables researchers to automatically track the social behavior of up to four mice for days at a time.

children standing in a line, oldest to youngest

Timing of autism treatments may be key to their success

by  /  20 June 2019

The timing of treatment is crucial for conditions related to autism — and more so for some conditions than for others.

fMRIs of monkey brains in a grid of 6 show highlighted areas.

Monkeys with autism mutation show condition’s key traits

by  /  12 June 2019

Researchers have engineered two generations of monkeys with mutations in SHANK3, a top autism gene. The first generation shows traits reminiscent of the condition.

May 2019
Young girl sleeping in the bed

Sleep struggles in autistic people may have genetic basis

by  /  3 May 2019

Autistic children may be more likely than their unaffected siblings to carry mutations in genes linked to sleep.

February 2019

Drugs that modify gene expression show promise for autism

by  /  28 February 2019

An experimental compound that blocks two enzymes involved in gene expression improves social behavior in young mice.