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Tag: empathy

June 2014

Clinical research: Extra X impairs awareness of others’ minds

by  /  13 June 2014

Girls and boys born with an extra X chromosome both tend to have difficulties understanding the minds of others, but for different reasons than children with autism do, according to a study published 22 March in Genes, Brain and Behavior.

April 2014

Cognition and behavior: Mirror neurons normal in autism

by  /  11 April 2014

Mirror neurons, which fire when a person performs or observes an action, function just as well in young children with autism as they do in their typically developing peers. The finding, reported 10 February in Autism Research, boosts evidence against a popular theory of autism.

March 2014

Cognition and behavior: Brain symmetry atypical in autism

by  /  28 March 2014

People with autism show diminished language activity in the left halves of their brains but otherwise show typical specialization between hemispheres, according to a study published 6 February in Molecular Autism.

December 2013

Oxytocin sharpens social response in people with autism

by  /  12 December 2013

Oxytocin, the infamous ‘love hormone,’ may attune the brains of people with autism to respond to social information such as facial expressions, researchers reported 2 December in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study boosts oxytocin’s promise for treating the social deficits seen in autism.

November 2013

Book review: Meet one person with autism

by  /  15 November 2013

Taken at face value, a new translated memoir by a child with severe autism suggests that our official consensus needs a rethink, writes clinical psychologist William Mandy.

September 2013
Photograph of a child sitting in a chair and yawning.

Infectious yawns

by  /  17 September 2013

Children with autism tend to miss the facial cues that make yawning contagious, suggests a study published 22 July in Autism Research and Treatment.

January 2013

Cognition and behavior: Autism dads struggle with empathy

by  /  22 January 2013

Families of individuals with autism may share their abnormal patterns of brain activation, according to a study published 3 December in Molecular Autism.

December 2012

Treatments: In the waiting room

by  /  6 December 2012

After years of making do with drugs developed for other conditions, doctors and scientists are eagerly pursuing drugs that target the social symptoms of autism.

November 2012
Retro engraving illustration of face with a terrified expression.

Cognition and behavior: Emotions confuse adults with autism

by  /  16 November 2012

Adults with autism are less specific and less reliable than controls at recognizing emotions from facial expressions, according to a study published 27 September in Neuropsychologia.

October 2012

Famous ‘rubber hand illusion’ eludes children with autism

by  /  17 October 2012

Children with autism are less susceptible to an illusion involving sight and touch, according to unpublished research presented Monday at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans.