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Spectrum: Autism Research News


Laura Geggel

Former News Writer,

June 2017

Maternal infection may alter neuronal signals, connections

by  /  9 June 2017

Pups born to pregnant mice infected with a mock virus are known to show changes in their immune system. These effects may in turn impair proper brain signaling, according to results presented Saturday at the 2013 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego.

July 2014

Language grows in diverse ways in children with autism

by  /  11 July 2014

The language abilities of children with autism vary widely in early childhood, but become more predictable after age 6, reports a 17-year study.


Mouse study nails neurons that trigger repetitive behavior

by  /  10 July 2014

A “beautiful” new study traces a complex repetitive behavior in a mouse model of autism to a subset of neurons in one brain region.


Wealthy nations dole out big doses of autism drugs

by  /  8 July 2014

Doctors in European countries prescribe more medications to people with autism than do doctors in Asian countries, reports a study of 30 countries, published 3 June in Autism Research.


U.S. BRAIN Initiative may advance autism research

by  /  1 July 2014

An influx of $4.5 billion from the federal government over the next 12 years could jump-start a new generation of technologies, including tools for autism research.

June 2014

Autism families tend to have fewer children than their peers

by  /  27 June 2014

Parents who have a child with autism often decide not to have any more children, according to a study published last week in JAMA Psychiatry.


Drug for sleeping sickness eases autism symptoms in mice

by  /  23 June 2014

A single dose of a drug used to treat African sleeping sickness temporarily improves symptoms of autism in a mouse model, according to a study published last week in Translational Psychiatry.


For flagging autism risk, using two tests is best option

by  /  20 June 2014

Two autism screens are better than one at identifying toddlers who need specialized clinical services.


Autism not the only neurodevelopmental disorder on the rise

by  /  19 June 2014

The growing prevalence of autism is no different from that of other neurodevelopmental disorders, finds a study of more than 4.5 million people in four countries.


School program makes inroads into acceptance of autism

by  /  10 June 2014

Middle-school girls are more willing to include their classmates with autism in social activities after completing an awareness program.