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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: empathy

May 2017

Friendships pose unique challenges for women on the spectrum

by ,  /  16 May 2017

Women with autism value friendships as much as their neurotypical peers do, but they often have difficulty forming and maintaining them.

men trying to make eye contact

Eye contact is aversive for some adults with autism

by ,  /  16 May 2017

The reasons some people with autism don’t make eye contact may differ between childhood and adulthood.

July 2016

People with autism can read emotions, feel empathy

by ,  /  12 July 2016

The notion that people with autism lack empathy and cannot recognize other people’s feelings is wrong.


Webinar: Rebecca Saxe discusses imaging of social brain

 /  20 July 2016

Watch the complete replay of Rebecca Saxe discussing methods for analyzing brain activity during social interactions, and their application in autism research.

April 2016
Week of AprilApr

Deceitful DNA; grant gambit; autism glass

by  /  15 April 2016

A woman claims that a genetic test failed to flag her son’s deadly condition, a researcher wins a rare appeal of a rejected grant application, and a graduate student’s gadget could help people with autism to read emotions.

September 2015

‘Frozen’ offers glimpse of autism in girls

by  /  15 September 2015

Elsa, the star of the movie “Frozen,” is the poster child for girls with autism.

July 2015
Week of JulyJul

Spotted: Identity crisis; chemical restraint

by  /  17 July 2015

Autism labels incite controversy, and a report exposes overmedication of people with autism.

March 2015
Week of MarchMar

Spotted: Gene-editing ethics; treatment turmoil

by  /  27 March 2015

The creators of CRISPR call for a ban on editing the human genome, and critics weigh in on a widely used autism therapy.


What singing aloud reveals about autism

by  /  24 March 2015

People with autism feel overly embarrassed for other people, offering a clue to why they struggle with empathy.

July 2014

Pac-Man maze leads children with autism to ‘good’ smiles

by  /  4 July 2014

A computer game based on face recognition helps children with autism feign expressions more convincingly than before.