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Tag: microRNAs

November 2012
RNA strands on white background.

Molecular mechanisms: Regulatory RNA altered in autism

by  /  9 November 2012

Postmortem brains from individuals with autism have abnormal levels of long non-coding RNAs, which regulate the expression of genes, according to a study published 5 September in the Journal of Molecular Neuroscience.

April 2012

Researchers engineer mice lacking microRNAs

by  /  25 April 2012

Researchers are developing a resource that will allow scientists to engineer mice lacking one of 162 microRNAs — non-coding regions of the genome that regulate gene expression. The results were published 19 April in Cell Reports.


Noncoding gene linked to autism

by  /  9 April 2012

Researchers have identified a noncoding RNA, a genetic message that is not translated into a protein, that may be involved in autism. The discovery, published 4 April in Science Translational Medicine, came from examining a region on chromosome 5 that has been previously linked to the disorder.

January 2012

New technique charts patterns of microRNA expression

by  /  25 January 2012

Researchers have mapped the levels of tiny RNA fragments that regulate gene expression in specific brain regions and subtypes of neurons. The results were published 12 January in Neuron.  


The value of blood cells in autism research

by  /  10 January 2012

Blood from individuals with autism could help researchers identify biomarkers to diagnose the disorder and learn more about related symptoms, such as gastrointestinal complaints, says molecular biologist Valerie Hu.

November 2011

Schizophrenia deletion could rouse silent mutations

by  /  14 November 2011

Deletion of 22q11, a schizophrenia-associated chromosomal region, may activate previously silent mutations, according to unpublished work presented Sunday at the 2011 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

October 2011

Genetics: Large analysis pins down schizophrenia regions

by  /  26 October 2011

A massive association study links five new genetic regions to schizophrenia and implicates MIR137, a regulatory RNA that plays a role in neuron development, in the disorder.

September 2011

Molecular mechanisms: Maternal stress affects male mice

by  /  30 September 2011

The male offspring of mice subjected to stress during pregnancy can transmit the effects to their own male pups.

July 2011

Genetics: Neurexin 1 variant affects volume of healthy brains

by  /  29 July 2011

A variant of neurexin 1, a gene linked to both autism and schizophrenia, is associated with less brain matter than normal in healthy individuals, according to a study published 8 June in PLoS ONE.


Molecular mechanisms: Fragments of RNA regulate synapse

by  /  27 July 2011

Small fragments of RNA, called microRNAs, can fine-tune the levels of proteins at the junctions between neurons in response to cell signals, according to a study published 10 June in Molecular Cell.