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Tag: cortex

May 2018

Scans reveal sex difference in brain thinning during childhood

by  /  9 May 2018

Part of the brain’s outer layer thins too quickly with age in boys with autism, but not in girls with the condition.

April 2018
Week of AprilApr

New journal; organoid ethics; acetaminophen association and more

by  /  27 April 2018

A journal covering autism in adulthood makes its debut, researchers call for an ethical framework for human organoid studies, and the association between acetaminophen and autism risk comes under scrutiny.

four brains sliced to show varying thickness

Genes altered in autism may control brain’s thickness

by  /  12 April 2018

Some genes associated with autism may influence the thickness of the cerebral cortex, the brain’s outer layer.

December 2017
Week of DecemberDec

Pruning protein; cultural connection; cannabis consent and more

by  /  8 December 2017

A pruning protein reshapes neurons, culture should be a consideration in trials of autism treatments, and another U.S. state adds autism to the list of indications for medical cannabis.

November 2017
rat mother with rat pups

Researchers advance models of maternal antibody link to autism

by  /  15 November 2017

Sophisticated animal models — including a new rat model — are revealing how maternal antibodies contribute to autism risk.

EEG caps, fNIRS

Realistic social test identifies new language area in brain

by  /  13 November 2017

A test designed to capture the dynamic back-and-forth of conversation suggests the existence of a new language area in the brain.

Genes that regulate brain activity in people with autism (right) differ from those in controls (left).

Distinct set of genes controls brain activity in people with autism

by  /  12 November 2017

A different set of genes regulates brain activity in people with autism than the set involved in controls.

Week of OctoberOct

Gene-editing gadgetry; intelligence trajectories; research reset and more

by  /  3 November 2017

Two new gadgets join the gene-editing toolbox, many children with autism get smarter with age, and a survey points to a research reset for Autism Speaks.

Brain bank slice of brain in lab

Banking on brains for clues to autism

by  /  1 November 2017

New initiatives aim to increase brain donations for autism research and maximize what scientists can learn from these precious specimens.

September 2017
Week of SeptemberSep

Maternal immunity; drug doubts; harassment scandal and more

by  /  15 September 2017

Two studies back the link between autism and maternal inflammation, other work weakens worry about antidepressant use in pregnancy, and a harassment scandal rocks a university’s cognitive science department.