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Spectrum: Autism Research News


April 2016

New atlas of gene regulators shows effects of variants

by  /  20 April 2016

A new online tool reveals how different types of DNA sequences work together to regulate gene expression.

March 2016

Spectrum of autism traits spans general population

by  /  23 March 2016

Genetic variants linked to autism influence social skills in people without the condition, supporting the notion that autism lies along a continuum of typical traits.

December 2015

Analysis unearths common genetic roots for disparate traits

by  /  4 December 2015

Using a new genetic approach, researchers are finding shared risk factors for seemingly unrelated conditions, ranging from autism to obesity.

October 2015

In search of factors that shield girls against autism

by  /  19 October 2015

Identifying the factors that protect girls from autism may help us understand and possibly treat the disorder.

August 2015

Control centers for genes rife with autism-linked DNA blips

by  /  3 August 2015

DNA sequences called enhancers — which boost the expression of genes from within or outside them — are enriched for genetic variants linked to autism, suggests a new study. The finding may help researchers understand how variants outside genes contribute to autism.

June 2015

Online atlas unravels gene activity in diverse tissues

by  /  3 June 2015

A new resource reveals that gene expression varies more across tissues in one person than it does in the same tissue type among individuals. The findings, described 8 May in Science, indicate that the brain’s gene expression signature is unique.

May 2015

New approach powers up search for autism genes

by  /  19 May 2015

A statistical trick can help researchers home in on subtle genetic blips that contribute to autism, according to unpublished results presented Saturday at the 2015 International Meeting for Autism Research in Salt Lake City, Utah.

March 2015

Landscape of chemical tags paves way for autism studies

by  /  2 March 2015

In a feat that unites findings from 2,800 experiments in more than 100 types of cells, researchers have mapped the human epigenome — the many layers of code that turn genes on or off.

February 2015

Kathryn Roeder reviews statistical tools for autism

 /  18 February 2015

Watch the complete replay of Kathryn Roeder’s webinar discussing how powerful statistical tools can yield insight into the genetic risk for autism.

October 2014

New resource catalogs impact of DNA variants on brain

by  /  22 October 2014

A new online database called Braineac details how variations in DNA sequence shape gene expression in the human brain.