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Spectrum: Autism Research News


May 2017

Complex gene interactions in autism offer avenues for treatment

by  /  23 May 2017

Teasing out how genes interact can offer clues to autism’s causes and point to treatment targets.


What makes a gene an autism candidate? Not everyone agrees

by  /  11 May 2017

Whether a gene should be considered a ‘novel candidate’ for autism depends not just on whether it’s been linked to the condition before, but on the strength of that link.

March 2017

New method taps family trees for clues about conditions

by  /  10 March 2017

Asking participants in genetic databases about their family’s medical history can help researchers uncover genetic variants tied to conditions such as autism.

January 2017

Autism brains bear telltale pattern of chemical tags

by  /  12 January 2017

The brains of many people with autism may exhibit a characteristic arrangement of chemical groups on the proteins that DNA coils around.

December 2016

Map of brain’s DNA loops holds clues to autism genetics

by  /  8 December 2016

A new chart of DNA’s three-dimensional structure reveals genomic regions that control distant genes during development.

November 2016

Large postmortem brain study unearths clues to schizophrenia

by  /  3 November 2016

A massive collection of brain tissue reveals common genetic variants that influence gene expression in the brain.

October 2016
Week of OctoberOct

Clinical conundrum; double data; mission control

by  /  21 October 2016

Some say a focus on basic neuroscience is crushing clinical research, a gene database gets a big upgrade, and Autism Speaks revises its goals.

Week of OctoberOct

Rett reflections; supplement scare; gender studies

by  /  14 October 2016

It’s been 50 years since the first description of Rett syndrome, a hodgepodge of supplements sickens a boy with autism, and gender stereotypes make it hard to spot girls on the spectrum.

June 2016

DNA typo tracker uncovers glitches in gene regulation

by  /  8 June 2016

A new tool allows researchers to identify thousands of genome errors in dozens of people at once.

April 2016
Week of AprilApr

Colossal quest; life edit; building skills

by  /  29 April 2016

Genetics giant Craig Venter wants to sequence 2 million genomes, CRISPR pioneer Emmanuelle Charpentier just wants to work, and the online building game Minecraft helps people with autism socialize.