Motor traits that mark autism remain elusive, large study finds

by  /  18 March 2019

Motor problems in autistic infants may parallel those in infants with other developmental conditions.

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College age students taking a test

How the college admissions cheating scandal hurts students with disabilities

by , ,  /  15 March 2019
In the wake of this week's college admissions cheating scandal, families and advocates are worried about a backlash that could make it harder for students with legitimate disabilities to get the accommodations the need.

Faulty mitochondria may fuel features of fragile X syndrome

by  /  14 March 2019
Problems with the minute 'factories' that yield energy for cells — the mitochondria — may contribute to learning problems and other traits of fragile X syndrome.
Child with educational toys

Latest test of promising autism therapy shows only mild benefits

by  /  14 March 2019
A much-touted behavioral therapy for autism, the Early Start Denver Model, may not be as effective as its creators had hoped.

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Large set of brain scans reveals no telltale signs of autism

by  /  21 March 2019

The brains of autistic children show few differences from those of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or even of controls.

Light coming into bedroom at night might cause sleep disruption

Autistic children’s sleep problems may stem from sensory issues

by  /  20 March 2019

Heightened sensory perception in toddlers with autism may predict sleep problems at around age 7.

Human embryo editing

Prominent scientists call for ban on human gene editing

by  /  13 March 2019

A group of the world’s leading geneticists is calling for a moratorium on the editing of DNA in human embryos.


Early activity of brain’s emotion hub may yield clues to autism

by  /  11 March 2019

The brain’s emotion center, the amygdala, undergoes dramatic changes during the first year of life; these shifts may hold hints about its role in autism.


Autism diagnosis often followed by identification of other conditions

by  /  7 March 2019

A study of more than 5 million people reveals the onset and prevalence of nine diagnoses that often accompany autism.


Deletion, duplication of chromosome 16 segment may confer same autism risk

by  /  6 March 2019

Autism may be just as common among children missing a segment of chromosome 16 as it is in those with an extra copy.


Researchers pan blood test for autism as premature for clinical use

by  /  4 March 2019

Doctors can now order a blood test that its makers say may help flag autism, but experts say the test is not appropriate for use in clinics.


Does vitamin use in pregnancy alter autism risk? Maybe, maybe not

by  /  4 March 2019

Despite the hype around a new study, it may be too soon to conclude that taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy lowers the child’s chances of autism.


Drugs that modify gene expression show promise for autism

by  /  28 February 2019

An experimental compound that blocks two enzymes involved in gene expression improves social behavior in young mice.


Scientists sound warning about use of autism speech detector

by  /  27 February 2019

A popular system used to detect speech may not identify most vocalizations produced by autistic children aged 5 and older.

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