Mutations tied to autism may alter gut function, microbiome in mice

by  /  11 July 2019

Mutations in the autism gene NLGN3 may alter the gut nervous system of mice.

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Family groups, researchers join forces to solve mysteries of autism gene

by  /  10 July 2019
Families of children with mutations in a gene called SYNGAP1 have spurred research into the effects of the mutations on people — and how to treat them.

First brain organoids get set to travel into space

by  /  8 July 2019
A cache of about 100 brain organoids grown from human cells is expected to launch into orbit this month.

Medical conditions may mark distinct autism subtypes

by  /  4 July 2019
Young autistic children may fall into three groups based on the number and type of co-occurring conditions they have.

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Animal lab closures in England rattle autism researchers

by  /  15 July 2019

News that two major animal research laboratories are likely to close down within a few years has left some researchers in the United Kingdom uncertain about the future of their work.


Large study supports discarding the term ‘high-functioning autism’

by  /  3 July 2019

Autistic people described as ‘high functioning’ because they do not have intellectual disability often still struggle with daily living skills.

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Study hints at dietary chemical as therapy for type of autism

by  /  1 July 2019

A compound derived from cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, might limit the impact of certain mutations in an autism gene.

Micrograph of fecal bacteria

Study of microbiome’s importance in autism triggers swift backlash

by  /  27 June 2019

Many scientists have pointed out possible errors of analysis and interpretation in a high-profile study that suggested microbes can ease autism-like behaviors in mice.

Crowd of peers form a thought bubble

Data analysis, open access could improve peer-review process

by ,  /  26 June 2019

Data analysis can improve the vetting of scientific papers, but first publishers must agree to make the information public.

Fish with fish oil capsules spilling out of it.

Interactive Autism Network, home to dozens of studies, set to shut down

by  /  26 June 2019

The first online registry dedicated to autism research is scheduled to close down on 30 June, ending a 13-year run.


Netherlands law limits children’s access to autism services

by  /  24 June 2019

A law implemented four years ago has made it difficult for Dutch children in some regions to have access to mental health care.

children standing in a line, oldest to youngest

Timing of autism treatments may be key to their success

by  /  20 June 2019

The timing of treatment is crucial for conditions related to autism — and more so for some conditions than for others.

medical personnel with a swab test in a vial.

Doubts precede saliva test for autism, set to be available by July

by  /  19 June 2019

A saliva test that helps clinicians diagnose autism is expected to be available in the next few weeks. But some experts are skeptical of the test’s accuracy and value.


Book review: ‘The Rosie Result’ crafts foolish caricatures of autism

by  /  18 June 2019

In the final installment of Graeme Simsion’s bestselling Rosie trilogy, the protagonist’s implied autism becomes explicit — and leaves our reviewer cold.

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