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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: social reward

April 2016

Questions for Kay Tye: How loneliness drives social behavior

by  /  19 April 2016

A brain circuit that wires lone mice to seek out social contact may offer clues about autism.

October 2015

Girls with autism may stop eating to blunt social pain

by  /  19 October 2015

Anorexia sometimes accompanies autism in girls. Refusing food may mute the confusing array of stimuli that is particularly difficult for a girl with autism to handle.


Social hormone may lead to solo outlook in monkey brains

by  /  19 October 2015

Contrary to its reputation, oxytocin may make monkeys less interested in others’ actions and more focused on their own.


Network analysis may help grapple with autism’s diversity

by  /  18 October 2015

Characterizing the interaction between brain networks that govern attention and reward may help classify subgroups of people with autism.


Brain’s face detector lights up questions about autism’s origins

by  /  15 October 2015

Lower activity in a key face processing region of the brain hints that people with autism could benefit from training to become ‘face experts.’

June 2015

Diverse features found for autism-linked chromosome changes

by  /  29 June 2015

The first in-depth look at people with alterations in the 1q21.1 chromosomal region reveals a range of features, from problems with fine motor skills to autism.

April 2015

Questions for Larry Young: Oxytocin’s promise for autism

by  /  14 April 2015

Understanding how oxytocin works in the brain will help researchers cut through the hype surrounding the infamous ‘love hormone’ and translate it into a treatment for autism, says Larry Young.

February 2015

Children with autism sweat over lack of rewards

by  /  3 February 2015

Children with autism don’t find social situations as rewarding as their peers do, according to a popular theory. A new study suggests they instead have trouble adjusting expectations when awaiting a reward that never comes.

July 2014

Robert Malenka discusses reward’s role in autism

 /  23 July 2014

Watch the complete replay of Robert Malenka’s webinar on the molecular underpinnings of social reward.

November 2013

Miniature cable reads a mouse’s sense of reward

by  /  20 November 2013

A tiny fiber-optic probe inserted into the reward center of the mouse brain monitors how the mouse feels about meeting a peer — or a golf ball. The unpublished technique was presented last week at the 2013 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego.