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Tag: maternal stress

August 2018
Premature baby in hospital, attended by adult

Complications during pregnancy may contribute to autism risk

by  /  22 August 2018

High blood pressure, preterm birth and other pregnancy complications may increase the risk of autism.

November 2017
Features / Deep Dive

Why autism seems to cluster in some immigrant groups

by  /  29 November 2017

Cultural barriers lead clinicians to misdiagnose or miss children with autism in immigrant communities.

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pregnant woman blowing nose and sick on couch

Maternal immune response may render brain vulnerable to injury

by  /  12 November 2017

Mouse brains exposed to inflammation in the womb become more susceptible to a second challenge.

April 2017
Opinion / Viewpoint

Romanian orphans reveal clues to origins of autism

by  /  25 April 2017

Understanding autism features in children who were deprived of social contact as infants could offer clues to the condition.

September 2016

Pregnant women’s immune response could lead to brain disorders in her children

by ,  /  1 September 2016

Maternal immune activation — caused by infection or even psychological stress during pregnancy — is a strong risk factor for neurological conditions such as autism.

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October 2015

Environmental double hit may induce seizures, autism behaviors

by  /  21 October 2015

The combination of prenatal stress and a preterm labor drug may elicit seizures and autism-like behaviors in rat pups.


Male mice pass stress signatures down to their pups

by  /  19 October 2015

The pups of male mice exposed to stress show a muted response to stressful situations of their own, suggesting that environmental effects can last generations.

June 2015

Young women bear high risk of having children with autism

by  /  25 June 2015

Older women and men are at high risk of having a child with autism — and so are teenage girls and parents whose age differs by at least a decade, according to a multinational study of more than 5 million children.

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August 2014

Researchers to journalists: Stop blaming mothers

by  /  19 August 2014

When covering research on prenatal risk factors, are journalists too quick to blame the mother?

November 2013

Guinea pigs enter rat race for autism models

by  /  13 November 2013

Guinea pigs have advantages over other rodent species commonly used to model disorders such as autism, according to preliminary research published Tuesday at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego.

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