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March 2021
Doctor or clinician makes notes about patient during diagnosis.

Error found in autism screening guidelines

The U.K. clinical guidelines used to screen for autism contain an error, which may have resulted in many delayed or missed diagnoses over the past decade.

August 2020
A plate with a slice of yellow cake sits on a blue plate on a light blue table cloth, surrounded by spoons and forks. This image places an emphasis on food and ritualized behaviors.

Autism and eating disorders may have an emotional connection

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of any kinds of mental illness. They don’t discriminate, affecting people of all ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, ages and backgrounds.

September 2019

Training caregivers can help keep autistic children safe

by ,  /  10 September 2019

Behavioral skills training helps ensure that people with autism not only understand a new safety skill but are able to perform it accurately.

August 2019
Woman looks at her newborn from under the operating tent of c-section surgery

Cesarean sections tenuously tied to autism

by ,  /  29 August 2019

A new study that combines data from more than 20 million births has found that a cesarean section delivery is associated with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

four year old looks at something out of frame.

Early-detection technique analyzes how children with autism scan faces

by , ,  /  6 August 2019

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have developed a new autism detection technique that distinguishes among different eye-gaze patterns to help doctors more quickly and accurately detect autism in children.

July 2019
Adults in a waiting room, a man talks to a nurse or doctor in medical setting

How autistic people use compensatory strategies to cope with daily life

In a large survey, autistic adults from around the world described their experiences of using psychological strategies to fit in.

woman standing alone confronts a complex chart in the workplace

Providing accommodations for autistic workers benefits everyone

by ,  /  18 July 2019

Companies can use many strategies to make workplaces more inclusive.

May 2019
Neurons firing and lighting up

Single-cell analysis suggests brain signaling problems in autism

by ,  /  22 May 2019

Recent advances in technology allow researchers to measure RNA that is contained within the nucleus of a single brain cell.

Child with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome seated in a red wagon outside.

Pitt-Hopkins syndrome may point the way to autism treatments

by ,  /  1 May 2019

Researchers have identified a drug that works in individual cells and rodent models of a form of autism known as Pitt-Hopkins syndrome.

February 2019

Changes to Canada autism program could do more harm than good

by ,  /  15 February 2019

The Ontario, Canada, government recently announced its intentions to overhaul the Ontario Autism Program, but the changes could leave autistic children without supports.