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Tag: learning

October 2018
Young girl with teacher in a speech therapy session.

Therapy taps rhythm to boost speech in autistic children

by  /  24 October 2018

A new type of speech therapy may improve the verbal abilities of children with autism who speak few or no words.

Portrait of Stelios Georgiades.

Webinar: Stelios Georgiades explores heterogeneity in autism over time

 /  17 October 2018

Watch the complete replay of Stelios Georgiades discussing a model for predicting trajectories in children with autism.

August 2018
Classroom scene shows a kid powering up his handmade windmill model.

Career-prep program fosters strengths of teens with autism

by  /  9 August 2018

In a new program based in New York City, autistic students work to build skills that cater to their strengths or special interests.

June 2018
Week of MayMay

Cooperating brains; data confusion; homeopathy claims and more

by  /  1 June 2018

Cooperative problem-solving may have kept human brains small, researchers puzzle over new European online privacy rules, and Canadian officials counter unfounded claims of a cure for autism.

May 2018

Intellectual disability’s introduction in the DSM-5: What’s the impact?

by  /  9 May 2018

The move to replace ‘mental retardation’ with ‘intellectual disability’ is widely accepted, but little data exist on the impact of this change.

March 2018
honeycomb shape with arrows shows the pattern of activity of rats in the maze

‘Honeycomb’ maze elevates testing of rodents’ spatial skills

by  /  16 March 2018

A maze comprising 37 hexagonal platforms may offer researchers an accurate measure of rodents’ ability to navigate their surroundings.

black and white picture of a woman with text labels

Sensory aspects of speech linked to language issues in autism

by  /  8 March 2018

Language problems in children with autism may be partially rooted in an inability to integrate sight and sound when other people talk.

An picture to illustrate a ‘predictive coding’ theory of autism suggests that many of the condition’s hallmark traits occur when sensory input overrides expectation in the brain.

How autism may stem from problems with prediction

by  /  7 March 2018

A ‘predictive coding’ theory of autism suggests that many of the condition’s hallmark traits occur when sensory input overrides expectation in the brain.

February 2018
Certain genetic regions in mice loosen their wrapping around support proteins after the animals learn a new task.

Autism genes abound in DNA regions involved in learning

by  /  22 February 2018

The same processes that enable the brain to store new memories may also control many autism genes.

January 2018
illustration of DNA strand

Variant analysis may vastly underestimate heritability of autism behaviors

by  /  29 January 2018

Existing genome scans do not detect many of the DNA variants that underlie behavioral problems.