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Tag: learning

October 2015

Brain’s face detector lights up questions about autism’s origins

by  /  15 October 2015

Lower activity in a key face processing region of the brain hints that people with autism could benefit from training to become ‘face experts.’

September 2015

The children who leave autism behind

by  /  7 September 2015

Some children shed the symptoms of autism and eventually lose their diagnosis. What sets them apart?

August 2015
Week of AugustAug

Spotted: Phony reviews; tracking trials

by  /  21 August 2015

Springer pulled 64 studies over faked peer reviews, and positive clinical trial results are hard to find.


Blinking mice bolster cerebellum’s link to autism

by  /  14 August 2015

Mice carrying any one of five autism-linked mutations struggle to associate a flash of light with an irritating puff of air. The findings suggest that the mice have trouble integrating information from multiple senses — a skill governed by the cerebellum.

July 2015

Rodent learning sheds light on missed social cues in autism

by  /  28 July 2015

Many people with autism have trouble interpreting and responding to social cues. Studying how rats learn from each other can provide insights into the human social brain, says Amiel Rosenkranz.

Week of JulyJul

Spotted: Identity crisis; chemical restraint

by  /  17 July 2015

Autism labels incite controversy, and a report exposes overmedication of people with autism.

May 2015

Device predicts future word use in toddlers with autism

by  /  15 May 2015

An automated analysis of the speech-like sounds from 3-year-olds with autism predicts their word use four months later, according to unpublished research presented yesterday at the 2015 International Meeting for Autism Research in Salt Lake City, Utah.

April 2015

Standard tests underestimate nonverbal children with autism

by  /  14 April 2015

Tests that play to the strengths of nonverbal children with autism reveal the true intellect of those considered ‘low-functioning.’


Questions for Larry Young: Oxytocin’s promise for autism

by  /  14 April 2015

Understanding how oxytocin works in the brain will help researchers cut through the hype surrounding the infamous ‘love hormone’ and translate it into a treatment for autism, says Larry Young.

March 2015

The social network: How everyday interactions shape autism

by  /  23 March 2015

A new study is the first rigorous test of a controversial idea: that the everyday interactions between caregiver and child can shape the course of autism.