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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: learning

December 2017
Week of NovemberNov

Gaze anxieties; college considerations; social chemistry and more

by  /  1 December 2017

Adults on the spectrum explain the problem with eye contact, experts offer tips for students with autism considering college, and men with autism respond differently to the “smell of fear.”

November 2017
spongebob squarepants with an excited expression

Grouping people with autism masks variations in visual learning

by  /  14 November 2017

Some young children with autism excel on tests in which they must learn to connect visual cues.

six scans of brains showing various active regions highlighted

Missing brain wave may explain language problems in nonverbal autism

by  /  14 November 2017

Nonverbal children with autism don't show the typical wave of brain activity involved in linking objects with their names.

October 2017
Week of OctoberOct

Boy bias; incontinence issues; smart search and more

by  /  20 October 2017

A mouse model of autism reveals sex differences in brain function and behavior, incontinence and autism often co-occur, and a new literature search engine summarizes neuroscience hits into interactive visuals.

September 2017
Week of SeptemberSep

Genetics do-over; iffy influences; high-tech education and more

by  /  29 September 2017

A re-analysis of data yields an increased estimate for the genetic contribution to autism, how the environment might contribute to autism is hard to pin down, and students on the spectrum describe the benefits of using technology at school.

Three toddlers looking at a stack of presents.

Brain, behavior distinguish autism from language delay

by  /  25 September 2017

Babies with autism show behavioral and brain features that differ from those of babies with language delay.

Illustration of family approaching home with hope and expectation.

A ‘cure’ for autism at any cost

by  /  20 September 2017

Scores of parents abandon mainstream autism treatments to pursue Son-Rise, an intense, expensive — and unproven — behavioral therapy.

Week of AugustAug

Boyish looks; popular pseudoscience; older fathers and more

by  /  1 September 2017

Masculinized features help define children with autism, online autism-parent forums spread pseudoscience, and the United States has more older fathers than ever.

August 2017
Girl playing the piano while a teacher guides her along the music.

Music therapy for autism shows minimal social benefit

by  /  30 August 2017

Music therapy does not alleviate autism features, according to a large international study.

Week of AugustAug

Transcranial treatment; maternal inflammation; autism ants and more

by  /  18 August 2017

Transcranial treatment may bolster memory in adults with autism, inflammatory molecule may alter an emotional brain region in newborns, and examining ants could yield insights into autism