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May 2013

Reactions from IMFAR 2013

by  /  3 May 2013

We checked in from the 2013 International Meeting for Autism Research with daily reactions from this year’s attendees.

April 2013

How can an experimental Angelman drug be so specific?

by  /  29 April 2013

A candidate drug for Angelman syndrome shows promise in activating the gene silenced in people with the disorder, and only that gene. Why doesn’t it unsilence other genes?


Can clinical testing move to the Internet?

by  /  15 April 2013

Online tools to collect data on children with autism provide an opportunity to expand sample sizes and reach a broader audience. But how far can these tools go in replacing traditional clinical evaluations?


What about the other 97 percent?

by  /  8 April 2013

Exome sequencing has produced a wealth of insight into the heritability of autism and identified a number of promising risk genes. But how much risk lies outside the exome?


Can you Google your way to a hypothesis?

by  /  1 April 2013

In his Directors’ Column, Alan Packer points out how a number of autism risk genes act on a common cellular pathway regulated by a single protein. What other similar convergent paths might be hiding in the literature? Let’s go on a treasure hunt.

March 2013

How do we connect the dots of connectivity?

by  /  22 March 2013

Growing evidence suggests that abnormal connectivity in the brain underlies autism, but conflicting interpretations persist about where and how the dysfunction occurs. How do we investigate the underlying mechanisms of this theory?


Jonathan Kipnis on microglia and therapeutic targets

 /  27 March 2013

Watch the complete replay of Jonathan Kipnis discussing his groundbreaking work connecting microglia and peripheral immunity to autism. Submit your own follow-up questions.


How do we confirm a grand signaling theory?

by  /  11 March 2013

An imbalance in the excitatory and inhibitory signaling between neurons seems to play a critical role in autism. What can we do with that information?


What does the brain’s immunity have to do with autism?

by  /  4 March 2013

In December, SFARI brought together a group of scientists studying the connection between microglia and autism. These scientists are trying to delineate the next steps for this emerging field. Join the conversation.

February 2013

Vikaas Sohal on abnormal neural circuits in autism

 /  6 March 2013

Watch the complete replay of Vikaas Sohal’s webinar on abnormal neural circuits in autism. Submit your own follow-up questions.