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Articles by "Undark"

July 2023
A woman stands by a window while talking on the phone and holding a pill bottle.

Evidence linking acetaminophen to autism, ADHD under debate again

by ,  /  12 July 2023

As acetaminophen lawsuits make their way through the U.S. court system, researchers reevaluate the quality of the evidence linking in-utero exposure to the painkiller to neurodevelopmental issues in children.

January 2020

Psychology research skews mostly white and wealthy

by ,  /  27 January 2020

For decades, the overwhelming majority of psychology research has examined people who live in the United States and other affluent Western countries — presenting a skewed view of the human mind.

December 2019
boy alone outside of group on playing field

The cost of a delayed autism diagnosis

by ,  /  3 December 2019

Many people go more than half of their lives before learning that they are autistic; one writer on the spectrum believes we can do better.

October 2019

Canada makes clinical trial data available to public

by ,  /  16 October 2019

Canada’s health department is now sharing study results on new drugs and treatments online. Transparency advocates want the United States to do the same.

July 2019

What it’s like to be autistic at an autism research conference

by ,  /  15 July 2019

An autistic journalist is cautiously optimistic that the annual INSAR conference is becoming more inclusive of the autism community.

June 2019
Crowd of peers form a thought bubble

Data analysis, open access could improve peer-review process

by ,  /  26 June 2019

Data analysis can improve the vetting of scientific papers, but first publishers must agree to make the information public.

May 2019
Genome sequence. The pattern of bands represents the chemical sequence that forms the genetic code for a section of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The DNA sample was cut into fragments by an enzyme. These fragments were then placed into a gel in the petri dish and separated by electrophoresis, the application of an electric charge. DNA sequencing is used in forensic science, medical research and genealogy.

Repairing racial inequality in genetic research

by ,  /  10 May 2019

To boost the participation of marginalized communities in genetic studies, doctors must first win back their trust.

April 2019
Books are flying away in a blue sky

Call for action: Scientists need to push for open-access science

by ,  /  23 April 2019

Libraries and funding agencies are finally flexing their muscles against journal paywalls. Authors should follow suit.

March 2019
Hand on graph

Statistics experts urge scientists to rethink the p-value

by ,  /  25 March 2019

The American Statistical Association is asking researchers to revamp how they use common statistical methods.

February 2019

Unvaccinated teenagers fight for right to immunization

by ,  /  11 February 2019

More and more children whose parents refuse to vaccinate are discovering as teenagers that their bodies are at the center of a roiling tug-of-war between science and pseudoscience.