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October 2019
Neurons in a fish glow green.

Erasable sensor of brain activity could reveal roots of social behavior

by  /  23 October 2019

Researchers unveiled a reversible new technique for labeling active neurons in freely moving animals.

August 2018
Microscopic images from the eye of a fly.

Mutant flies reveal key gene interactions within autism deletion

by  /  20 August 2018

The absence of several interacting genes may underlie the developmental problems seen in people missing a segment of chromosome 16.

July 2018
Week of JulyJul
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Memory shuttle; fly eyes; gaze avoidance and more

by  /  6 July 2018

A protein proves crucial to spatial memory in mice, genes in the 16p11.2 chromosomal region interact in fruit flies’ eye development, and having more autism features tracks with decreased responsiveness to direct gaze.

August 2017
luorescent probes mark the expression patterns of three genes in a transparent fruit fly brain.
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Method lights up active genes in fruit fly brains

by  /  11 August 2017

A new technique illustrates how mutations associated with autism affect gene expression at different stages of development in the fly brain.

March 2016
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Webinar: Claudia Bagni details molecular pathways in fragile X syndrome

23 March 2016

Watch the replay of Claudia Bagni’s webinar, in which she described molecular pathways that are impaired in fragile X syndrome, autism and schizophrenia. She also discussed mouse and fly models, as well as human cells.

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July 2015

Dispatches from the 2015 Dup15q Alliance Scientific Meeting

by  /  30 July 2015

These short reports from our reporter, Nicholette Zeliadt, give you the inside scoop on developments at the 2015 Dup15q Alliance Scientific Meeting.

March 2015

Treatment eases fragile X symptoms in flies, mice

by  /  9 March 2015

Blocking an enzyme involved in learning and memory corrects brain abnormalities and improves memory in fly and mouse models of fragile X syndrome.

February 2015
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Method lights up brain activity in living animals

by  /  18 February 2015

A new microscopy technique creates colorful three-dimensional images of brain activity in awake mice.

November 2014

Diverse dopamine defects found in people with autism

by  /  19 November 2014

Experimental drugs can reverse the effects of some autism-linked mutations in the dopamine transporter, a protein that shuttles the chemical messenger dopamine into neurons. Researchers presented the unpublished findings in five posters yesterday at the 2014 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

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May 2014
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Brain-wide map links fruit fly behaviors to neurons

by  /  21 May 2014

Triggering neuron activity with flashes of light allows scientists to tie behaviors in fruit fly larvae to specific neuron groups, reports a study published 25 April in Science. The study catalogs the associations between neurons and the movements they control.