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December 2021

Artificial intelligence system categorizes interactions between mice

by  /  17 December 2021

New software can automatically identify and quantify mouse social behavior from videos, saving researchers time.

January 2021
Mouse brain scan video still in black and white.

New mouse brain atlas traces connections in fine detail

by  /  13 January 2021

A new wiring diagram of the mouse brain could help autism researchers better study how brain connections vary in mice with different genetic backgrounds.

March 2018
illustration of mouse on sale in a city

‘Outmoded’ mouse models of autism may still yield new advances

by  /  21 March 2018

Many researchers question the value of three early mouse models of autism, but the models have their staunch supporters.

June 2015

William Catterall examines anxiety drugs for autism

 /  24 June 2015

Watch the complete replay of William Catterall explaining how low doses of an anxiety drug alleviate autism-like symptoms in mice.

April 2015

Mouse studies support second chance for fragile X drug

by  /  28 April 2015

Two new studies give a boost to arbaclofen, which failed to meet expectations in clinical trials for autism and fragile X syndrome.

October 2014

How early should autism treatment begin?

by  /  15 October 2014

The preliminary success of a therapy designed to help infants with symptoms of autism raises broader questions about the potential promise and many challenges of early intervention.

September 2014
Mouse lab test: the three chambered assay

Optimizing behavioral assays for mouse models of autism

by  /  23 September 2014

As the number of autism rodent models climbs, it is a good time for the field to step back and consider the best practices for assessing autism-like symptoms in rodents, says Jacqueline Crawley.

August 2014

Signaling imbalance skews sensory responses in autism mice

by  /  11 August 2014

Mice modeling autism have trouble integrating different kinds of sensory information such as sight, sound and touch. A study published 31 July in Neuron reports that an imbalance between signals that calm neurons and those that excite them leads to these sensory problems.

April 2014

Low-dose sedative eases autism symptoms in mice

by  /  3 April 2014

The equivalent of one-tenth of a single pill of the anxiety drug clonazepam alleviates many autism-like behaviors in a mouse model of the disorder, according to a study published 19 March in Neuron.

February 2014

Automated tool records behavior of autism mouse models

by  /  5 February 2014

A new tracking system automatically logs and scores mouse behavior as well as a human observer does, according to a paper published 31 December 2013 in Journal of Neuroscience Methods.