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Presentations by leading experts on their latest research.

Past Webinars

April 2016

Webinar: Brian O’Roak discusses the accelerating pace of autism genetics

 /  27 April 2016

Watch the complete replay of Brian O’Roak discussing the accelerating pace of autism genetics and new methods for identifying and validating autism risk genes.

March 2016

Webinar: Claudia Bagni details molecular pathways in fragile X syndrome

 /  23 March 2016

Watch the replay of Claudia Bagni’s webinar, in which she described molecular pathways that are impaired in fragile X syndrome, autism and schizophrenia. She also discussed mouse and fly models, as well as human cells.


Webinar: Nils Brose examines synapse proteins in autism

 /  9 March 2016

Watch the complete replay of Nils Brose discussing proteins called neuroligins, which control the formation of nerve cell junctions called synapses, and what studies of neuroligins might mean for understanding and treating autism.

February 2016

Webinar: Sébastien Jacquemont on gene variants’ ties to autism

 /  24 February 2016

Watch the complete replay of Sébastien Jacquemont discussing cognitive, behavioral and neural changes underlying the link between genes and conditions such as autism.

November 2015

Webinar: André Fenton explores cognitive problems in autism

 /  18 November 2015

Watch the complete replay of André Fenton’s webinar exploring patterns of neural activity that underlie cognition.

August 2015

Webinar: Huda Zoghbi explores biology of Rett syndrome

 /  30 September 2015

Watch the complete replay of Huda Zoghbi discussing the genetics and molecular biology of Rett syndrome, an autism-like neurodevelopmental disorder.

July 2015

Session VI: Joseph Buxbaum on animal models

 /  23 July 2015

Watch the replay of Joseph Buxbaum’s Summer Institute session on the current state and potential of animal models for autism research.


Session V: Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele on drug treatments

 /  16 July 2015

Watch the replay of Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele’s Summer Institute session on research pathways to pharmacological treatments for autism.


Session IV: Matthew State on the genetics of autism

 /  9 July 2015

Watch the replay of Matthew State’s Summer Institute session highlighting what is known about the underlying genetics of autism.


Session III: Catherine Lord on autism diagnosis

 /  2 July 2015

Watch the replay of Cathy Lord’s Summer Institute session on best practices for autism diagnosis and identification.


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