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Presentations by leading experts on their latest research.

Past Webinars

June 2015

Session II: Lynn Koegel on early intervention

 /  25 June 2015

Watch the replay of Lynn Koegel’s Summer Institute session on a behavioral therapy for autism known as Pivotal Response Treatment.


Session I: Kevin Pelphrey on brain structure and function

 /  18 June 2015

Watch the replay of Kevin Pelphrey’s Summer Institute session on brain structure and function.


William Catterall examines anxiety drugs for autism

 /  24 June 2015

Watch the complete replay of William Catterall explaining how low doses of an anxiety drug alleviate autism-like symptoms in mice.

May 2015

Jonathan Sebat on autism and schizophrenia genetics

 /  27 May 2015

Watch the complete replay of Jonathan Sebat’s webinar dissecting the similarities and differences between autism and schizophrenia at the genetic level.

April 2015

Helen Tager-Flusberg explores language in autism

 /  29 April 2015

Watch the complete replay of Helen Tager-Flusberg’s webinar discussing what language differences in autism reveal about the disorder’s biology.

March 2015

Randy Buckner discusses the brain’s default network

 /  25 March 2015

Watch the complete replay of Randy Buckner’s webinar discussing ‘daydreaming’ brain circuitry and what it might reveal about autism.


The female autism conundrum

 /  11 March 2015

Watch the complete replay of David Skuse and William Mandy’s webinar on why reported sex ratios for autism may be fundamentally flawed.

February 2015

Kathryn Roeder reviews statistical tools for autism

 /  18 February 2015

Watch the complete replay of Kathryn Roeder’s webinar discussing how powerful statistical tools can yield insight into the genetic risk for autism.

October 2014

Autism research takes brains

 /  15 October 2014

Watch the complete replay of David Amaral and Alison Singer’s webinar on the potential of postmortem brain research for understanding autism.


Mark Daly maps the genetic architecture of autism

 /  1 October 2014

On 1 October, Mark Daly discussed new insights into autism from common and rare genetic variants. (Due to technical issues, the video replay for this webinar is unavailable.)


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