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Presentations by leading experts on their latest research.

Past Webinars

October 2019

Webinar: Jennifer Beighley and Caitlin Hudac discuss CHD8 mutations in autism

 /  30 October 2019

Watch the complete replay of Jennifer Beighley and Caitlin Hudac discussing mutations in the gene CHD8 and autism.

September 2019
portrait of scientist Sydney Pettygrove

Webinar: Sydney Pettygrove discusses why autism prevalence estimates have changed over time

 /  15 January 2020

Register for the next Spectrum webinar, featuring Sydney Pettygrove, who will discuss how changes in the collection and analysis of autism prevalence data affect U.S. autism prevalence estimates.

August 2019
Portrait of Mark Bear

Webinar: Mark Bear discusses fragile X syndrome, from bench to bedside

 /  21 August 2019

Watch the complete replay of Mark Bear discussing the latest research on treatments for fragile X syndrome.

portrait of Cecilia Guilivi

Webinar: Cecilia Giulivi discusses role of mitochondria in autism

 /  20 November 2019

Watch the complete replay of Cecilia Giulivi, reviewing the evidence that mitochondria play a role in autism.

July 2019
Portraits of Suma Jacob and Christina Conelea

Webinar: Christine Conelea, Suma Jacob discuss repetitive behaviors in autism

 /  17 July 2019

Watch the complete replay of Christine Conelea and Suma Jacob discussing the emergence of repetitive behaviors in autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

June 2019

Roundtable: Camouflaging in autism

 /  6 June 2019

Watch the complete replay of our roundtable on camouflaging in autism.

April 2019
Black and white photographic portrait of the scientist Evelina Fedorenko

Webinar: Evelina Fedorenko discusses language processing in autism

 /  17 April 2019

Watch the complete replay of Evelina Fedorenko discussing language processing and development in autism.

March 2019
Portrait of Jill Silverman

Webinar: Jill Silverman makes case for rat models of autism

 /  20 March 2019

Watch the complete replay of Jill Silverman discussing using rat models to study neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism.

February 2019
Portrait of Ivan Iossifov

Webinar: Ivan Iossifov discusses genetic variants linked to autism traits

 /  27 February 2019

Watch the complete replay of Ivan Iossifov discussing the genetic basis of autism’s features.

January 2019
Black and white portrait of Christine Nordhal smiling.

Webinar: Christine Wu Nordahl reveals new autism brain-imaging strategies

 /  30 January 2019

Watch the complete replay of Christine Wu Nordahl discussing new ways to expand participation in autism brain-imaging studies.


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