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Tag: valproic acid

February 2023
Illustration of neurons.

Chromatin remodeling tied to altered splicing in autism model

by  /  7 February 2023

Exposing neurons to valproic acid, a well-known environmental risk factor for autism, disrupts their ability to generate different proteins from the same gene.

August 2022
A pregnant woman and a doctor, both masked, have a conversation in an examination room.

U.K. health authority investigates epilepsy drug’s link to autism

by  /  30 August 2022

Prenatal exposure to topiramate increases a child’s autism odds, according to the study that prompted the inquiry, but experts caution that pregnant people with epilepsy have few other options for controlling seizures.

January 2019
Rat neurons

Rat model of autism shows unusual brain growth at birth

by  /  30 January 2019

The brains of rats exposed in utero to the seizure drug valproate show a significant increase in brain size around the time of birth.

December 2018
Siblings, a baby and a toddler, play together at home.

How pregnancy may shape a child’s autism

by  /  5 December 2018

Autism is predominantly genetic in origin, but a growing list of prenatal exposures for mother and baby may sway the odds.

June 2018

New restrictions on epilepsy drug may do more harm than good

by  /  21 June 2018

A partial ban in Europe on the use of a drug called valproate during pregnancy could deny women effective treatment for serious conditions.

Baby chick on white background.

Chick model of epilepsy-drug exposure may mimic signs of autism

by  /  1 June 2018

Exposing fertilized chicken eggs to valproic acid, an epilepsy drug, yields chicks with apparent social deficits.

April 2018
Week of AprilApr

New journal; organoid ethics; acetaminophen association and more

by  /  27 April 2018

A journal covering autism in adulthood makes its debut, researchers call for an ethical framework for human organoid studies, and the association between acetaminophen and autism risk comes under scrutiny.

February 2018
Week of FebruaryFeb

Fake autism claim; knocking out anesthesia; haunting milestone and more

by  /  23 February 2018

Despite social media rumors, a British children’s television show does not cause autism; childhood anesthesia is not tied to autism risk; and an adult on the spectrum reaches a haunting milestone

November 2017
white lab rats piled together

Rodent ratings reveal periods of vulnerability to harmful exposures

by  /  13 November 2017

Nongenetic rodent models most relevant to autism tend to be those exposed to environmental agents in the womb or shortly after birth.

mouse with a sensor connected to brain

Three autism mouse models marked by defects in same circuit

by  /  8 November 2017

Problems with social interactions stem from faulty wiring of a single circuit spanning distant brain regions, results from three mouse models of autism suggest.