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Meng-Chuan Lai

Associate professor, University of Toronto

Meng-Chuan Lai is associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto in Canada.

September 2018
Illustration shows white doctor's hands holding up a male figure cut in paper over a young African-American girl.

Quashing sex bias in autism research calls for participant rainbow

by  /  25 September 2018

Autism researchers must attend to the need for sex and gender diversity in study design as a rule rather than as an exception.

October 2015

Brains of girls, boys may mark distinct paths to autism

by  /  19 October 2015

Differences between the brains of men and women with autism may help explain why men are more susceptible to the condition and women appear to be protected from it.

September 2013

Mind the gender gap

by  /  27 September 2013

Autism may be male-biased in prevalence, but our understanding of it should not be, argues Meng-Chuan Lai.