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May 2017
Brooks Wolfner portrait

My secret to happiness: Lessons from an adult with autism

by  /  16 May 2017

When I was young, I didn’t know I was different from other people. I’ve since learned who I am, about my autism and how I can overcome the challenges of my condition.


The unexpected plus of parenting with autism

by  /  16 May 2017

Having autism as a parent might seem impossibly challenging. But a generation of parents with the condition is showing that it can be an advantage — even when their child does not share the diagnosis.


With support, community doctors could detect adults with autism

by  /  16 May 2017

Community mental health clinics, which serve millions of Americans, can help identify adults with undiagnosed autism — and change their lives for the better.


Artist with autism captures personalities on paper

by  /  16 May 2017

Nicole Appel, a young woman with autism, draws — from memory — detailed portraits of people she knows.

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Friendships pose unique challenges for women on the spectrum

by ,  /  16 May 2017

Women with autism value friendships as much as their neurotypical peers do, but they often have difficulty forming and maintaining them.

A man and woman kiss under a sunset within a surreal environment, suggesting the surreal nature of studying romantic love within the autism spectrum.

Sex and other foreign words

by  /  3 May 2017

People with autism fall in love. They marry. They even (gasp) have sex. Yet these deeply human needs have mostly gone ignored by scientists.


Parents can help children with autism become better storytellers

by ,  /  2 May 2017

Parents in a pilot program reported a significant improvement in their child’s narration and were also surprised to see the difference it made in their ability to communicate with their sons and daughters with autism.


Adults with disabilities deserve right to choose where to live

by  /  2 May 2017

The idea that one residential model is appropriate for the entire spectrum of intellectual and developmental disability is patently absurd.

March 2017
An image of an abstract, colorful playground set against a dark and mysterious background. The image conveys a sense of mystery.

The twenty-something free fall

by  /  29 March 2017

Young adults with autism face many new expectations and challenges — with none of the support that is available during high school.

February 2017

Animated sidekick connects parents to children with autism

by  /  21 February 2017

In a new type of therapy for autism, parents talk or type into their phone or computer, and their words emerge in the voice of an animated character.