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January 2018

Why too many children with autism end up in foster care

by  /  9 January 2018

The foster care system is becoming a critical component of care for children with autism.

December 2017

Autism studies hampered by lack of reliable test for gut problems

by ,  /  19 December 2017

Experts from various fields should work with parents to develop a standardized questionnaire for gut problems in people with autism.

November 2017

Why intelligence scores do not predict success for autistic adults

by ,  /  28 November 2017

Measures of adaptive functioning may better assess the ability of autistic people to meet daily demands than do intelligence tests.


Sleepless nights rouse behavioral problems in children with autism

by  /  13 November 2017

Children with autism who have sleep problems are often distracted, hyperactive, irritable and aggressive.

October 2017
Toddler girl sleeping with hair floating against black background.

How treating sleep may ease all forms of autism

by  /  31 October 2017

Behavioral interventions and medications can help children with autism-related syndromes sleep better, but the treatments must be tailored to the cause of each child’s sleep disturbance.

A woman sitting in the library resting her head in her hands.

College students with autism need support to succeed on campus

by ,  /  24 October 2017

Academic and social support can help students with autism thrive in institutions of higher education.

Illustration of a room full of people napping, with a magnifying glass on one person who cannot fall asleep.

Divided autism community bonds over need to study sleep

by  /  17 October 2017

Autism researchers and funding agencies should turn their attention to sleep in autism — and its many connections to health, mood and behavior.

Illustration of two people speaking into a speech bubble.

To partner with autism community, welcome dissenting opinions

by  /  10 October 2017

Giving the autism community a voice in research means engaging in meaningful dialogue, not just making token gestures.

September 2017
Illustration of woman scratching her head looking at a web of signs.

Adolescents with autism need access to better sex education

by  /  5 September 2017

Sex education in schools needs to be adapted for teens on the spectrum so they can approach relationships in a way that is safe, confident and healthy.

August 2017

Vaccination: Costly clash between autonomy, public health

by ,  /  15 August 2017

Every state in the country should require that all children be vaccinated before attending school.