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Webinar: Ilina Singh probes ethics of sibling studies in autism

14 December 2016
The Presenter

Ilina Singh

Professor, University of Oxford

On 14 December, Ilina Singh discussed ethical issues related to early intervention for autism at different developmental stages.

You can watch a complete replay of the webinar above.

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One response to “Webinar: Ilina Singh probes ethics of sibling studies in autism”

  1. Crystal Teitelbaum says:

    Ilina Singh, I would like to express my own experiences as a mother with a son on the spectrum. Although he is high functioning attending high school in general education classes he still requires social pragmatics especially when it comes to the more complex peer behaviors. Such as establishing appropriate boundaries and being a target for bullying. He is 15 years old and doing well as he received early intervention. His younger brother is 12 years of age and received a PDD NOS DX, ABA at 2 years, vision therapy in preschool, some speech therapy then was exited from Special Education in kindergarten. He recently received a ADHD-I DX from Kaiser and his school has him on an IEP with primary DX as Autism. His sensory system is on overload needing Audiologist therapy, vision therapy. To this day we do not have a clear diagnosis and the team at Kaiser does not believe the sibling of autism has a autism DX. The 12 year old is very intelligent and has some social skills but I believe he knows how to blend well and he is not a behavior issue. My question is “where can I go to get information on the impact of a older sibling with autism has on a younger sibling?l” Is there a doctor that specifically work with families with siblings of autism? I am worried if my younger child does not receive the same intervention as the older sibling he will continue to struggle. Is the impact of having a older sibling with autism impact the development of a younger sibling?

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