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Spectrum: Autism Research News


David Mandell

Professor, University of Pennsylvania

David Mandell is professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Center for Mental Health Policy and Services.

November 2020
Illustration shows black researchers sharing data with diverse group.

How to support Black scientists and clinicians in autism research

by ,  /  3 November 2020

To address racial disparities in autism diagnosis and outcomes, we need more Black autism researchers and clinicians. Here are some tips to help recruit and train them.

July 2019
drawing shows organized lab on left, and the disorder of daily life and community services on the right.

Community delivery of autism therapies lags far behind evidence

by  /  23 July 2019

Most community clinicians do not deliver care that is in line with the latest evidence — and they are not improving over time.

January 2018

Why U.S. science may seriously suffer from a government shutdown

by  /  30 January 2018

Even a brief shutdown of the government can dramatically affect the process of conducting science and the support for young scientists.


Why too many children with autism end up in foster care

by  /  9 January 2018

The foster care system is becoming a critical component of care for children with autism.

January 2017

Smoke, mirrors and Robert Kennedy Jr.’s vaccine safety panel

by  /  12 January 2017

Don’t let Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s appointment distract us from fighting the policy changes that could have dire consequences for people with autism.

May 2016

Testing school-based autism treatments takes teamwork

by  /  12 May 2016

Partnering with families and teachers is the only way to make autism interventions work in the community.

June 2015

‘Teachable moments’ are key ingredients in autism therapy

by ,  /  30 June 2015

The job of delivering interventions for autism often falls to overstretched teachers in schools with few resources. Melanie Pellecchia and David Mandell set out to find the ‘active ingredients’ of school-based interventions.