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Spotted A roundup of autism papers and media mentions you may have missed.
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Spotted around the web: Week of 27 May 2019

by  /  31 May 2019

May 27th

Research roundup

  • Two people with fragile X syndrome showed improvement after treatment with the diabetes drug metformin. Molecular Genetics and Genomic Medicine
  • Child vaccinations increased after California’s move to do away with nonmedical exemptions, but medical exemptions also increased. The National Bureau of Economic Research
  • In premature babies, music enhances communication among brain regions involved in complex cognitive functions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Autistic college students with social anxiety tend to get higher grades than those without anxiety, whereas non-autistic students with social anxiety tend to get lower grades. Autism Research
  • Looking at mice, researchers have identified ‘oxidative stress’ (a chemical imbalance in cells) as a possible therapeutic target for neurodevelopmental conditions. Neuron
  • Early infant communication includes shifting one’s gaze to direct another person’s attention; babies later diagnosed with autism do this less than usual. Biological Psychiatry

Science and society

  • Only one-third of psychotherapists in the United States are trained to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, which may accompany autism. Kaiser Health News
  • A special issue of Nature takes a close look at the future of scientific research in European countries. Nature
  • The label that comes with a diagnosis can help people find community. The New York Times
  • A Carolina Panthers football player with an autistic cousin has become a celebrity advocate for people with autism. The Charlotte Observer

Autism and the arts:

  • The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is slated to feature a new play about being a “non-typical, typical teenager,” starring an autistic actor. BBC News
  • A 19-year-old man is India’s first male model with autism. Newz Hook

Job moves

  • Thomas Insel, who previously directed the National Institute of Mental Health, has been named ‘mental health czar’ of California by Governor Gavin Newsom. STAT