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Spotted around the web: Week of 15 April 2019

by  /  19 April 2019

April 15th

Research roundup

Science and society

  • The National Institutes of Health will name names next week in its crackdown on non-U.S. grantees who have broken the agency’s rules about how to use funds and protect intellectual property. Science
  • A new Twitter account, @justsaysinmice, calls out health news reports that frame findings from mouse research as advice for people. STAT
  • How much did a Stanford University researcher know about the ethically questionable research that led to gene-edited babies in China? The New York Times
  • California considers legislating public records requests, which are often used to contest scientific evidence and can pose logistical challenges for university faculty members. Undark
  • Several clinical trials are testing CRISPR to treat blood disorders, blindness and cancer in adults. NPR
  • Mouse studies are poor tests of potential therapies for neurological conditions, a biotech executive writes in an opinion piece. STAT
  • Paul Greengard, who won the 2000 Nobel Prize for his work on how brain cells communicate, has died at 93. The New York Times
  • Portable brain-imaging technology raises ethical questions about information sharing and informed consent. Science
  • Families with inherited gene disorders share their perspectives on gene editing in human embryos. STAT
  • Childhood vaccination is becoming a partisan issue in the United States, with Republicans opposing Democrat-sponsored bills designed to curb vaccine refusal. Politico

Autism and the arts

  • Kambel Smith, a young autistic artist, was honored by the Philadelphia City Council for his work portraying Philadelphia landmarks in sculpture. CBS Philly
  • The National Disability Theater has commissioned two new works by artists with disabilities. Playbill

Job moves

  • Neuroscientist Kay Tye announced on Twitter her move from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. @kaymtye