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NeuroDev retrospective; repetitive behaviors in fragile X mice

by  /  6 August 2023
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The Broad Institute linked to its article, “A look back at the first year of NeuroDev,” published on its site 20 July. Spectrum covered initial findings from NeuroDev on 15 March.


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Francesco Longo of the University of Gothenburg described his study, “Cell-type-specific disruption of cortico-striatal circuitry drives repetitive patterns of behavior in fragile X syndrome model mice,” published in Cell Reports 27 July.

Saroj Kumar Sah of Yale University described his study, “Deficiency in the neural cell adhesion molecule 2 (NCAM2) reduces axonal levels of beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1), affects axonal organization in the hippocampus, and leads to behavioral deficits,” published in Cerebral Cortex 29 July.

Nicole Teaney of Mustafa Sahin’s lab at Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital shared her study, “Increased degradation of FMRP contributes to neuronal hyperexcitability in tuberous sclerosis complex,” published in Cell Reports 25 July.

Jorune Balciuniene of PerkinElmer linked to her study, “At-risk genomic findings for pediatric-onset disorders from genome sequencing vs medically actionable gene panel in proactive screening of newborns and children,” published in JAMA Network Open 31 July.

Öyküm Kaplan Arabaci of the University of Oslo described her study, “Antidepressants escitalopram and venlafaxine up-regulate BDNF promoter IV but down-regulate neurite outgrowth in differentiating SH-SY5Y neurons,” published in Neurochemistry International 13 July.

Anthony Ramnauth of the Lieber Institute for Brain Development linked to the study “Voltage-Seq: all-optical postsynaptic connectome-guided single-cell transcriptomics,” published in Nature Methods 20 July.

Wai Kit Chan of the University of Edinburgh described his preprint, “Loss of PAX6 alters the excitatory/inhibitory neuronal ratio in human cerebral organoids,” posted on bioRxiv 1 August.

Vassilis Sideropoulos of University College London linked to his team’s study, “Anxiety, concerns and COVID-19: Cross-country perspectives from families and individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions,” published in the Journal of Global Health 28 July.

Carla Mazefsky and Kelly Beck, both of the University of Pittsburgh, commented on “Emotion dysregulation in autism with Carla Mazefsky,” published in Spectrum 1 August.

The Autism Science Foundation linked to “Amy Wetherby: Impatient for progress,” published in Spectrum 26 July.

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