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From funding decisions to scientific fraud, a wide range of societal factors shape autism research.

March 2013

Scientists hunt for ‘mini’ hotspots linked to autism

by  /  4 March 2013

Small regions of DNA that are structurally prone to deletions and duplications are unlikely to play a major role in autism, according to research published 7 February in the American Journal of Human Genetics.


What does the brain’s immunity have to do with autism?

by  /  4 March 2013

In December, SFARI brought together a group of scientists studying the connection between microglia and autism. These scientists are trying to delineate the next steps for this emerging field. Join the conversation.


Test case

by ,  /  1 March 2013

A single case study suggests that deep brain stimulation may improve symptoms associated with autism, say Casey Halpern and Gregory Heuer.

February 2013

Twin study suggests girls are protected from autism risk

by  /  28 February 2013

A comparison of autism-like behaviors in nearly 10,000 pairs of fraternal twins suggests that girls are somehow protected from the disorder. The findings, published 19 February in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, may partly explain why autism is four times more common in boys than girls.


Vikaas Sohal on abnormal neural circuits in autism

 /  6 March 2013

Watch the complete replay of Vikaas Sohal’s webinar on abnormal neural circuits in autism. Submit your own follow-up questions.


Retracted results

by  /  19 February 2013

The SHANK3 mouse model described in a 2011 Cell paper that was retracted 17 January is still worth studying, says Alan Packer.


How do we design more nimble diagnostics?

by  /  18 February 2013

How can we design cheaper, faster diagnostics that are as reliable as the gold-standard tools?


Twin study suggests large head size runs in autism families

by  /  14 February 2013

Children with autism and their unaffected twins have heads that are significantly larger than average, according to a study published 16 January in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.


Researchers carve out map of rodent brain

by  /  13 February 2013

Researchers have divided the rat brain into 26 structures that are present from birth to adulthood and that can be seen using brain imaging, according to a study published 15 February in Neuroimage.


Andrew Meltzoff & Patricia Kuhl: Joint attention to mind

by  /  11 February 2013

Husband and wife research team Andrew Meltzoff and Patricia Kuhl have shown that learning is a fundamentally social process, beginning in early infancy.