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From funding decisions to scientific fraud, a wide range of societal factors shape autism research.

April 2015
Week of AprilApr

Spotted: Memory map; postdoc pileup

by  /  10 April 2015

A boy with autism maps the world from memory, and would-be profs are trapped in perpetual postdocs.


Genes dwarf environment in autism’s origins, study says

by  /  6 April 2015

The genetic makeup of an individual plays much a bigger role than environmental factors in whether he or she develops autism, according to one of the largest twin studies to date.


New video test assesses toddlers’ subtle social growth

by  /  1 April 2015

A 20-minute test enlists parents in gauging a toddler’s social development by showing them a video of how a typically developing child acts.

March 2015

How to make sure autism isn’t lost in translation

by  /  27 March 2015

With the help of Korean mothers, doctors and teachers, researchers have created a culturally appropriate translation of an information kit on autism.


Women with severe autism point to new gene candidates

by  /  26 March 2015

Looking in families with a history of severe autism among women, researchers have unearthed 18 new candidate genes for the disorder. One of these genes, delta-catenin, plays a critical role in brain development, researchers reported yesterday in Nature.


Randy Buckner discusses the brain’s default network

 /  25 March 2015

Watch the complete replay of Randy Buckner’s webinar discussing ‘daydreaming’ brain circuitry and what it might reveal about autism.


False diagnoses inflate autism rate in India

by  /  17 March 2015

Rushed doctors and lack of culturally appropriate screening tools are boosting autism diagnoses in India.


Powerful memory system may compensate for autism’s deficits

by ,  /  17 March 2015

A brain system called declarative memory may help people learn scripts and strategies that alleviate autism symptoms, say Michael Ullman and Mariel Pullman.


Autism’s gender bias evident before diagnosis

by  /  13 March 2015

Girls and boys show telling differences in social and repetitive behaviors well before receiving an autism diagnosis, helping to explain the gender gap in diagnostic rates.

Week of MarchMar

Spotted: ‘SciArt’ storm; college crisis

by  /  13 March 2015

Scientific art takes over Twitter, and college students on the spectrum describe their struggles.