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From funding decisions to scientific fraud, a wide range of societal factors shape autism research.

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How genetics is revealing rare childhood conditions

by ,  /  21 September 2018
A pioneering project is showing how, 17 years since the first draft of the human genome, our genes are giving up their secrets and bringing hope to parents around the world.
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Drawing shows woman at desk looking away into the light as her coworkers gossip in the darkness.

Disclosure of autism at work holds risks and benefits

by  /  18 September 2018
Telling coworkers you are autistic can bring acceptance, but it may also hinder advancement.
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Federal chokehold on marijuana stymies studies on epilepsy, autism

by  /  11 September 2018
Scientists' desire for evidence-based medical inquiry runs headlong into an apparently immovable obstacle: the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.
September 2018

Attention deficit diagnoses nearly double in two decades

by ,  /  5 September 2018

The number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has reached more than 10 percent, a significant increase during the past 20 years, according to a new study.

August 2018
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Proposed revisions to global diagnostic manual for autism raise concerns

by  /  29 August 2018

Many autism researchers express satisfaction with the similarities between the ICD-11 and the DSM-5. But some have raised concerns about ways in which the two diagnostic manuals appear to diverge.


Study quantifies prevalence of autism in India

by  /  27 August 2018

About 1 in 100 children in India under age 10 may have autism, and nearly 1 in 8 at least one neurodevelopmental condition.

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Outcry compels NIH to put new clinical trial policy on hold

by  /  23 August 2018

Responding to serious concerns about its policy defining certain kinds of research as ‘clinical trials,’ the U.S. National Institutes of Health has postponed enforcing parts of the policy until September 2019.

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Beyond the bench: A conversation with Mu Yang

by  /  21 August 2018

Mu Yang spends her days watching mice and her evenings building muscle.


Medical studies often omit authors’ financial conflicts

by ,  /  16 August 2018

Papers in medical journals go through rigorous peer review and meticulous data analysis. Yet many of these articles are missing a key piece of information: the financial ties of the authors.

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Whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy carries no risk of autism

by  /  13 August 2018

Children born to women who received a routine vaccine while pregnant are not at an increased risk of autism.

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Spotted around the web: Week of 6 August 2018

by  /  10 August 2018

Here is a roundup of news and research for the week of 6 August.

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Career-prep program fosters strengths of teens with autism

by  /  9 August 2018

In a new program based in New York City, autistic students work to build skills that cater to their strengths or special interests.

Lone teen walking downstairs into shadowy area of a school staircase hallway, other kids pass by together.
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The hidden danger of suicide in autism

by  /  8 August 2018

Many people with autism entertain thoughts of suicide and yet show few obvious signs of their distress. Some scientists are identifying risks — and solutions — unique to autistic individuals.