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From funding decisions to scientific fraud, a wide range of societal factors shape autism research.

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Gabin and his father at home in Paris.

Europe’s race to ramp up genetic tests for autism

by  /  13 February 2019
Many countries in Europe are reckoning with the growing demand for genetic tests for autistic people — and the accompanying ethical and scientific considerations.

Unvaccinated teenagers fight for right to immunization

by ,  /  11 February 2019
More and more children whose parents refuse to vaccinate are discovering as teenagers that their bodies are at the center of a roiling tug-of-war between science and pseudoscience.
Child getting vaccine

U.S. measles outbreak sends hesitant families scrambling for vaccines

by ,  /  8 February 2019
Demand for measles vaccine has surged in the Washington county where the highly contagious virus is linked to more than 50 confirmed illnesses this year — including among people who had previously shunned the shots.
February 2019
Hand with key opening door a residence

New group faces backlash over its goals for severe autism

by  /  4 February 2019

A new advocacy group for people with severe autism taps into the deep divide in the community over who should speak for those on the spectrum.

Child having temperature taken

Immigration fears force family to forego autism services for citizen child

by ,  /  1 February 2019

As U.S. immigration enforcement becomes stricter under the Trump administration, more immigrant families are cutting ties with healthcare services and other critical government programs.

January 2019
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Revelando los secretos del síndrome X frágil en Colombia

by  /  31 January 2019

Una remota ciudad colombiana es el hogar del grupo más grande de personas con síndrome de X frágil. Los científicos están aprendiendo de ellos y tratando de ayudar.

Black and white portrait of Christine Nordhal smiling.
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Webinar: Christine Wu Nordahl reveals new autism brain-imaging strategies

30 January 2019

Watch the complete replay of Christine Wu Nordahl discussing new ways to expand participation in autism brain-imaging studies.

Researchers and doctors interacting with family with genetic syndrome
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Reaching out to families can inspire new autism research

by  /  29 January 2019

For students and early-career investigators, opportunities to meet and talk with the people they are trying to help underscores why the work matters.

Scientists and others protest over government shutdown

U.S. government shutdown threatens research grants, autism care

by  /  25 January 2019

As the partial government shutdown in the U.S. enters its sixth week, some scientists are working without pay, and federal workers with autistic children are restoring to desperate measures.

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How to offer support for young autistic children in South Africa

by ,  /  22 January 2019

Coaching caregivers in early-intervention strategies may be the most effective way to help young autistic children in South Africa.

Portrait of Matie Ovalle at her home in Chicago.
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How to help low-income children with autism

by  /  16 January 2019

Autistic children from low-income families are undercounted and underserved, a gap community leaders are working to bridge.

Diverse group of children with happy do
Opinion / Viewpoint

How to help underserved groups gain access to autism care

by  /  15 January 2019

Place your autism center in the community you serve, remove barriers to care, cast a wide net for autism signs, and do as much as possible in the first visit: These principles can help build a lifelong relationship with the community.

Mom Toni Hoy with ah photograph of her adopted son.

Parents forced to trade custody for children’s mental-health care

by  /  11 January 2019

Each year, dozens of families in Illinois give up custody of their children to help them get mental-health services.