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From parental age to infection during pregnancy, environmental elements can influence autism risk.

July 2018
Pregnant woman has her blood pressure taken.

Study ties autism to maternal high blood pressure, diabetes

by  /  18 July 2018

Children born to women who had diabetes or high blood pressure while pregnant may be at an increased risk of autism.

May 2018

Inflammation in mother tied to child’s brain function, behavior

by  /  31 May 2018

Brain networks in newborns may reflect the degree of inflammation their mothers experienced during pregnancy.

hands holding colorful pills

Infant seizures, maternal meds top list of risk factors for autism

by  /  2 May 2018

Epilepsy in infancy and the use of prescription medications during pregnancy are the strongest of 29 known risk factors for autism in a child.

March 2018
white pills closeup

Flurry of studies hint at folic acid’s protective role in autism

by  /  5 March 2018

Folic acid, a B vitamin, may lower autism risk and ease features of the condition.

February 2018
child sitting alone in lunchroom looking at others

Checklist of abilities opens window onto lives of people with autism

by  /  26 February 2018

A new catalog may help clinicians evaluate the daily challenges people with autism face.

asian child and mother together in a park

Study linking acetaminophen use to language delay is preliminary, experts say

by  /  14 February 2018

Women who take acetaminophen — commonly marketed as Tylenol in the United States — early in pregnancy may increase their daughters’ risk of language delay.

Child coloring in a classroom

Hospitalization during pregnancy boosts risk of difficulties in child

by  /  5 February 2018

Children of women who are hospitalized during pregnancy may develop poor physical, social, cognitive or emotional skills.

January 2018
Male fetal mice that lack a microbiome have more microglia (green, right) in certain brain regions than controls do (left).

Early changes in brain immunity may underlie sex bias in autism

by  /  22 January 2018

How the brain’s immune cells develop in ‘germ-free’ mice might help explain why autism is more prevalent in boys than girls.

pregnant mother sitting with a glass of water touching belly

Prenatal vitamins lower autism risk, Israeli study suggests

by  /  10 January 2018

Women who take folic acid or other vitamins before or during pregnancy may decrease their risk of having a child with autism.

November 2017
Illustration: Parents looking over a railing into a river, while a child balances on the railing beside them.

Why autism seems to cluster in some immigrant groups

by  /  29 November 2017

Cultural barriers lead clinicians to misdiagnose or miss children with autism in immigrant communities.

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