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Diagnosing autism is an evolving science but a crucial first step to understanding the disorder.

May 2016

In Gaza Strip, autism researchers battle dearth of resources

by  /  14 May 2016

Researchers are trying to study autism in one of the most politically and economically unstable regions in the world.

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Motor problems in infancy may forecast autism

by  /  13 May 2016

Among infants with a family history of autism, those later diagnosed with the condition have trouble holding up their head and grasping objects at 6 months of age.

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Self-scoring autism screen overlooks problems in girls

by  /  12 May 2016

A widely used screening tool is equally effective at detecting autism symptoms in both black and white toddlers, but misses girls of either race.

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Autism’s full spectrum

by  /  4 May 2016

Minority families often miss out on treatment or get left out of research — an ethical failure. New projects are illuminating autism’s diverse shades.

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April 2016

Rising star: Somer Bishop fine-tunes autism diagnosis

by  /  28 April 2016

Somer Bishop is launching a revolution in autism diagnosis, creating faster, more precise tools that speed research and better capture the full spectrum of autism symptoms.

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Living between genders

by  /  13 April 2016

‘Trans’ people with autism express a gender at odds with societal expectations, or reject the male-female divide entirely. Many are breaking new ground on how identity is defined — and what it means to also have autism.

March 2016

U.S. stats show autism rate reaching possible plateau

by  /  31 March 2016

After a steady climb since 2000, the prevalence of autism among school-age children appears to have stalled at 1 in 68.


Many toddlers with autism and low intelligence walk on time

by  /  25 March 2016

Most children who have both autism and intellectual disability take their first steps on time or earlier than those with other conditions.


Placenta test for autism risk sparks serious concern

by  /  21 March 2016

A new test claims to assess a child’s risk of autism based on abnormal folds in the placenta, but there is little evidence to support its use.


Diagnostic tests for women with autism fall short

by  /  11 March 2016

Women with autism show fewer repetitive behaviors than men with the condition on a standard diagnostic test, leading to possible underdiagnoses.

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