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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: whole-genome sequencing

September 2018
Three games on a table, bead mazes.

How genetics is revealing rare childhood conditions

by ,  /  21 September 2018

A pioneering project is showing how, 17 years since the first draft of the human genome, our genes are giving up their secrets and bringing hope to parents around the world.

DNA twisting in black space

Two tools speed the search for mutations in whole genomes

by  /  14 September 2018

Software to identify genetic variants, along with a new synthetic human genome, could help scientists discover mutations associated with conditions such as autism.

May 2018

Hunt for autism variants between genes comes up empty

by  /  7 May 2018

To find variants between genes that contribute to autism, researchers may need thousands more whole genomes than they have now.

April 2018
four scientists standing on colorful tile

CRISPR goes wild, and scientists debate its fidelity

by  /  30 April 2018

The gene-editing tool CRISPR may cause thousands of off-target mutations, but critics say it’s way too soon to accuse it of infidelity.

genetic code sequences

Map of DNA variation identifies key genetic regions

by  /  20 April 2018

A new analysis of the genomes of more than 11,000 people reveals regions that have few mutations, indicating they have important functions.

father and son standing on the beach during sunset

Some mutations tied to autism may be passed down from fathers

by  /  19 April 2018

Some children with autism inherit rare mutations in noncoding DNA from their unaffected fathers.

March 2018
Neurons from mice missing OTUD7A (right) have fewer spines than do those from controls (left).

Studies pinpoint key gene in region linked to autism

by  /  21 March 2018

A single gene, OTUD7A, may account for most of the features seen in people missing a segment of chromosome 15 known as 15q13.3.

A section of loosely packed DNA points to genes that a cell is actively turning into proteins.

Map of DNA structure marks autism risk regions

by  /  2 March 2018

A new map of DNA structure highlights sequences that regulate the formation of neurons in the developing brain.

December 2017

Notable papers in autism research in 2017

by  /  22 December 2017

This year’s list of top papers highlights nuances in the genetics of autism and new leads on early treatment.


Five hot topics in autism research in 2017

by  /  22 December 2017

We waded through the sea of autism studies published in 2017 and spotted several themes.