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Spectrum: Autism Research News

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November 2020
Donna Werling portrait

Webinar: Donna Werling on gene-expression differences in the brains of autistic people

 /  18 November 2020

On 18 November, Donna Werling spoke about gene-expression patterns in the brains of autistic people, with an emphasis on neurobiology and sex differences.

August 2019
Portrait of Mark Bear

Webinar: Mark Bear discusses fragile X syndrome, from bench to bedside

 /  21 August 2019

Watch the complete replay of Mark Bear discussing the latest research on treatments for fragile X syndrome.

July 2019
Portraits of Suma Jacob and Christina Conelea

Webinar: Christine Conelea, Suma Jacob discuss repetitive behaviors in autism

 /  17 July 2019

Watch the complete replay of Christine Conelea and Suma Jacob discussing the emergence of repetitive behaviors in autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

June 2019

Roundtable: Camouflaging in autism

 /  6 June 2019

Watch the complete replay of our roundtable on camouflaging in autism.

March 2019
Portrait of Jill Silverman

Webinar: Jill Silverman makes case for rat models of autism

 /  20 March 2019

Watch the complete replay of Jill Silverman discussing using rat models to study neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism.

February 2019
Portrait of Ivan Iossifov

Webinar: Ivan Iossifov discusses genetic variants linked to autism traits

 /  27 February 2019

Watch the complete replay of Ivan Iossifov discussing the genetic basis of autism’s features.

January 2019
Black and white portrait of Christine Nordhal smiling.

Webinar: Christine Wu Nordahl reveals new autism brain-imaging strategies

 /  30 January 2019

Watch the complete replay of Christine Wu Nordahl discussing new ways to expand participation in autism brain-imaging studies.

December 2018

Webinar: Patricia Braga discusses stem-cell models of autism

 /  12 December 2018

Watch the complete replay of Patricia Braga describing studies of autism involving stem cells.

October 2018
Portrait of Stelios Georgiades.

Webinar: Stelios Georgiades explores heterogeneity in autism over time

 /  17 October 2018

Watch the complete replay of Stelios Georgiades discussing a model for predicting trajectories in children with autism.

September 2018

Webinar: Janine LaSalle describes gene-environment interactions in autism

 /  19 September 2018

Watch the complete replay of Janine LaSalle discussing gene-environment interactions and autism.