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Tag: vocalization

November 2017
family of marmoset monkeys

AI interprets marmosets’ trills, chirps and peeps

by  /  14 November 2017

New artificial intelligence software can decode conversations between small monkeys called marmosets.

EEG caps, fNIRS

Realistic social test identifies new language area in brain

by  /  13 November 2017

A test designed to capture the dynamic back-and-forth of conversation suggests the existence of a new language area in the brain.

Two mice sniffing one another.

Drug boosts social behavior in mice with deletion tied to autism

by  /  1 November 2017

A drug that has shown promise for treating fragile X syndrome may ease features of another condition associated with autism.

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October 2017
Ilustration of scientists balancing precariously on a ladder and painting.

‘Tone’ of phrase may differ in autism, but meaning is clear

by  /  3 October 2017

Adults who have autism speak with unusual emphases and tone, but their speech still conveys the intended emotions.

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July 2017

Like children, marmosets learn to ‘talk’ by listening

by  /  21 July 2017

Baby marmosets learn to vocalize by mimicking their parents, which helps to establish their utility for studying autism.

June 2017

Mutant monkeys mimic features of autism, Rett syndrome

by  /  19 June 2017

Monkeys with a mutation in the Rett syndrome gene, MeCP2, have social difficulties and repetitive behaviors.

March 2017

‘Triple-hit’ study may help explain autism’s male bias

by  /  20 March 2017

The absence of an autism-linked gene, combined with exposure to a mock infection, produces social deficits in mice — but only in males.

January 2017

Sound processing skewed in mouse model of Rett syndrome

by  /  27 January 2017

Researchers have traced an unusual maternal behavior in female mice modeling Rett syndrome to a neural circuit that processes sound. They have also found a drug that reverses this behavior.

November 2016

Parent training may lead to lasting gains in autism features

by  /  21 November 2016

Teaching parents of toddlers with autism how to respond to their children may result in long-term improvements in these children’s autism features.


Monkey mics may solve communication mysteries

by  /  16 November 2016

Tiny monkeys sporting even tinier backpacks are helping scientists understand the nuances of language and social behavior.