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July 2022
hand points to pause button shape made from pills

Forging a path for vasopressin drugs for autism: Q&A with Suma Jacob

by  /  5 July 2022

After the vasopressin antagonist balovaptan flopped in a late-stage clinical trial, Suma Jacob and her colleagues took stock of all the factors that might have complicated the results.

May 2020
baby grasping an adult hand

Hormone level in infants may predict autism diagnosis

by  /  11 May 2020

Infants with low levels of the hormone vasopressin in their cerebrospinal fluid may be more likely to later be diagnosed with autism.

July 2019

How the social hormone vasopressin might help autistic people

by  /  9 July 2019

A drug that mimics the hormone vasopressin improves social skills in autistic people — but so does one that blocks vasopressin’s effects. How can seemingly opposing manipulations produce similar results?

May 2019
Nasal spray jetting from bottle on a dark background

Ready or not, two drugs for autism edge closer to clinic

by  /  1 May 2019

Two drugs that alter the activity of the hormone vasopressin seem to improve social communication in autistic people, but some experts question the findings.

November 2018

Low brain hormone levels may be reliable marker of autism

by  /  5 November 2018

Children with autism tend to have low levels of the hormone vasopressin in their brain, according to the largest study yet to look at the levels.

June 2018
Week of JuneJun

Oversold diets; big brains explained; tracking CRISPR and more

by  /  8 June 2018

Benefits of diets for autism features remain unproven, variants of the same DNA region make brains big or small, and STAT announces a new CRISPR tracker.

May 2018

Monkey study bolsters case for brain hormone’s role in autism

by  /  29 May 2018

Male monkeys that avoid touching, grooming or playing with others have low brain levels of the hormone vasopressin.

Week of AprilApr

Predictive brain waves; spotting liars; pet peeve and more

by  /  4 May 2018

Brain waves in infancy forecast autism, people with more autism features have trouble detecting lies, and veterinarians battle claims that vaccines cause autism in dogs.

February 2018
vasopressin crystal

Optimism, confusion greet federal fast track for autism drug

by  /  12 February 2018

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted a rare ‘breakthrough therapy’ designation for a drug that may ease some features of autism.

November 2017
monkeys hugging

Social hormones alter monkey behavior in sex-specific ways

by  /  15 November 2017

The hormones oxytocin and vasopressin promote social interactions in male monkeys but make female monkeys more aggressive than usual.