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Tag: Timothy syndrome

May 2012

Debate over quality of adult-derived stem cells rages on

by  /  7 May 2012

As the use of induced pluripotent stem cells grows, researchers are searching for ways to make them behave more predictably. 

March 2012

Researchers make neurons from blood cells

by  /  28 March 2012

Researchers have generated neurons from the blood cells of individuals with autism, according to a study published 7 March in Neuroscience Letters.

December 2011

Neurons made from stem cells reveal cellular flaws in autism

by  /  8 December 2011

Researchers have uncovered cellular abnormalities in Timothy syndrome by regenerating neurons from individuals with the rare autism-related disorder, according to a study published 27 November in Nature Medicine.

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November 2011

Researchers unveil seven new rat models of autism

by  /  16 November 2011

A large scientific research company debuted seven new rat models of autism Tuesday evening in Washington, D.C. Two of the models, one lacking FMR1 and the other lacking NLGN3, show some unexpected new characteristics.


Genetics: Middle East study tags intellectual disability genes

by  /  15 November 2011

By focusing on recessive mutations inherited from both parents, researchers have identified 50 new candidate genes for intellectual disability.

September 2011

First mouse model of Timothy syndrome debuts

by  /  5 September 2011

Researchers have created the first mouse model of Timothy syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes heart defects and autism. The findings appeared 30 August in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

June 2011

Ricardo Dolmetsch: Regenerating the cells of autism

by  /  23 June 2011

The ever-curious and energetic Ricardo Dolmetsch is taking skin cells from individuals with various types of autism and turning them into neurons in the lab. The approach could reveal the cellular basis of the disorder and point to new treatments.

April 2011

Researchers make neurons from people with schizophrenia

by  /  20 April 2011

Researchers have taken skin cells from individuals with schizophrenia, bathed them in chemical cocktails and coaxed them to develop into neurons, according to a paper published 13 April in Nature.


Genetics: Deep sequencing reveals rare mutations

by  /  5 April 2011

Rare mutations with strong effects play a key role in autism and schizophrenia, according to a study published in February in PLoS Genetics. The study identifies rare harmful mutations in three candidate genes that are more common in individuals with one of the disorders than in controls.

January 2011

Genetics: Including gender improves autism genetics research

by  /  24 January 2011

Accounting for gender increases the power of family-wide studies linking genetic mutations with autism, according to a study published in December in Molecular Psychiatry. The researchers use this approach to identify two candidate genes for the disorder.