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Tag: Timothy syndrome

October 2022
A transplanted human organoid labeled with a fluorescent protein in a section of the rat brain.

Human cortical organoids forge functional circuits in rat brains

by  /  12 October 2022

The transplanted cells integrate into living animals’ neural circuitry and influence behavior.

June 2017

Mini-brains bare tortuous trek of cells in Timothy syndrome

by  /  23 June 2017

A new technique for building a ‘brain in a dish’ reveals how neurons move to their proper places during fetal development.

April 2017

Mighty element plays major part in autism

by ,  /  18 April 2017

Probing the function of a protein in a calcium signaling pathway may lead to a diagnostic test for autism and a path toward treatments.

February 2015

Rising Star: Sergiu Pasca, scientist at play

by  /  19 February 2015

Sergiu Pasca was among the first to model autism with neurons from affected individuals, a feat that could reveal the biochemical roots of some forms of autism.

March 2013

Rho family of enzymes at crossroads of autism

by  /  12 March 2013

A number of autism risk factors converge on one cellular pathway: abnormal remodeling of the cell’s structural systems through the signaling protein Rho, says SFARI’s associate director for research, Alan Packer.

Illustration of pyramidal neurons against a deep blue background.

Molecular mechanisms: Timothy syndrome neurons defective

by  /  12 March 2013

Neurons from people with Timothy syndrome, and from mouse and rat models of the disorder, have defects in the growth of their branches, according to a study published 13 January in Nature Neuroscience.

January 2013

Exploring enigmatic links between mitochondria and autism

by  /  8 January 2013

Mitochondrial deficits may account for the range of symptoms and neurological deficits seen in autism and explain why it preferentially affects boys, says Douglas Wallace.

October 2012

Allen Institute aims to mass-produce stem cells

by  /  5 October 2012

The nonprofit Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle plans to make neurons from stem cells derived from people with a number of different disorders. The resource, described 25 September at a conference in New York, will be available to all scientists.

August 2012

Rodent roundup

by  /  10 August 2012

SAGE Labs has announced a new partnership with the autism science and advocacy organization Autism Speaks to fund the creation of three new rat models of autism.

July 2012

Targeting brain microcircuits may help treat autism

by  /  10 July 2012

Understanding the function of neuronal circuits, specifically microcircuits in the prefrontal cortex and elsewhere in the brain, will play a major role in translating research findings into new autism treatments, says Vikaas Sohal.