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Tag: theory of mind

October 2018
Illustration shows two people communicating, word bubble above head show that one person is getting less information.

Separate thinking skills underlie autism, attention deficit

by  /  2 October 2018

Theory of mind difficulties are likely to be more central to autism than to attention deficit hyperactive disorder, whereas executive function problems are more often associated with the latter.

March 2018
Week of MarchMar

Early theory of mind; bizarre book defense; fake news and more

by  /  16 March 2018

Theory of mind develops surprisingly early, a book publisher doubles down in defense of a controversial author, and false vaccine news gets a correction.

May 2017

Friendships pose unique challenges for women on the spectrum

by ,  /  16 May 2017

Women with autism value friendships as much as their neurotypical peers do, but they often have difficulty forming and maintaining them.


New test captures subtle social difficulties in adults with autism

by  /  5 May 2017

In the Strange Stories Film Task, people interpret scenes in a video for white lies, jokes and irony.

February 2017

Brain hiccup may explain some social problems in autism

by  /  20 February 2017

People with autism show an atypical pattern of brain activity when trying to adopt another person’s point of view.

January 2017

Webinar: Geoff Bird explores overlap between autism, alexithymia

 /  1 March 2017

Watch the complete replay of Geoff Bird’s webinar on the similarities and differences between autism and alexithymia.

July 2016

People with autism can read emotions, feel empathy

by ,  /  12 July 2016

The notion that people with autism lack empathy and cannot recognize other people’s feelings is wrong.


Webinar: Rebecca Saxe discusses imaging of social brain

 /  20 July 2016

Watch the complete replay of Rebecca Saxe discussing methods for analyzing brain activity during social interactions, and their application in autism research.

June 2016

The treasures of monkey island

by  /  22 June 2016

On Cayo Santiago island, scientists track the alliances and power struggles of a colony of feral monkeys — collecting data to generate new insights into the social challenges that people with autism face.

May 2016

Through play, children with autism can hone thinking skills

by  /  31 May 2016

Clinicians can use play to deliver therapies that could improve a child’s social skills, language and certain cognitive capacities.